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Nuffnang Lovin’ @ Aloft

What’s up, Nuffnangers! It has been awhile since we last hung out, and we are very excited to introduce you our new version of hang out – Nuffnang Lovin’
Nuffnang Lovin’ is a meet-up for awesome bloggers who are constantly on a lookout for places to try new things and meeting new people. It could be a [...]

Shazwani Hamid is the blogger of the Month for April

Oh! What an honour to be receiving a call from my blog manager telling me that I am the Nuffnang's featured blogger for the month of April 2014! Seriously, ME guys? Geeee...thank you Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity and for letting me be part of your awesome family! ^__^

Nuffnang Malaysia

This month's edition of #Nuffiessportsday is BOWLING! We nuffies work hard and play harder! ;) If…

Nuffnang Premiere Screening of The Amazing Spiderman

Guess who will be crawling and swinging by our Nuffnang Premiere Screening this time round!  That's right! It is no other than our friendly neighborhood hero, SPIDERMAN! This time, Spidey is back with a new villain, Electro and it is going to be much more thrilling and packed with wall-climbing-pole-swinging action!  Trust us, you won't [...]

Elly in Wonderland is the blogger of the Month for Mar

Nama saya Elly Yusnita, pembaca boleh panggil saya Elly or Kak Elly. Mesti korang tertanya-tanya dari mana saya mendapat nama blog Elly in Wonderland ni.

Beautifulnara is the blogger of the Month for Feb ialah blog yang mengumpulkan info selebriti terkini di Malaysia. Marilah bergosip secera berhemah.

Nuffnang Malaysia

RT @tianchad: Photo: "JERSEY BOYS" were fantastic!! I love their live performance and smooth props changes within one...…

Nuffnang Premiere Screening of The Other Woman

Girls girls girls! Its time to get your girlfriends on a date. It’s gonna be a girl’s night out before we say Bye to April. We would like to present this movie for you to share with your girlfriends and have an awesome time together. Do you think have the best girlfriends ever? Well, we [...]

Nuffnang Malaysia

RT @kimberlycun: Thoroughly enjoyed the show, the music the it! #JerseyBoysinKL @ Istana Budaya

Nuffnang Malaysia

Brick Mansions is one of Paul Walker's final movie and you shouldn't miss! Find out how you can win exclusive invites!

Nuffnang Malaysia

Happy Birthday Emma Watson! We found a very cute photo of the birthday girl! :D #NNKepohTuesday

Jersey Boys LIVE in KL!

*** Update***

Congratulations to all the winners of our Jersey Boys Nuffnang exclusive giveaway! All winners have been notified via email and on Instagram.
WINNERS > @miracikit @muhayminm @farishaismail @fifi_ismail
We've got news from the organizers that ALL night showtimes have been changed to 8:30PM, kindly take note. Fret not if you didn't get a chance to grab [...]

Nuffnang Malaysia

Not ALL those who wander are lost.. Hope Monday treated you all well! :) #NNFixieMonday

Nuffnang Malaysia

Hello Nuffnangers! Guess who is here with us at the #NeoGalHe party at Signature @ The Roof! Drop by and say hi!

Nuffnang Malaysia

Tips to get a natural Korean Look revealed! We have a great tutorial by Famous Blogger, Chuckei! Deets here :

Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Brick Mansions

Greetings Action-packed movie lovers! As we all know, the awesome Paul Walker has unfortunately lost his life in an accident last year but before this incident happen, he got to finish this movie as the leading actor. This will not be the movie you want to miss. We are giving away Nuffnang Premiere Screening of [...]

Nuffnang Malaysia

Konichiwa Nuffnangers! Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party invites has been sent out to winners! Important deets here!

Nuffnang Malaysia

@elielam Hello! We have them on our instagram! :)

Nuffnang Malaysia

Congratulations to all our winners for the #JerseyBoysInKL contest! Hope you're as excited as us! #NNGiveaway

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