1. What is blog advertising?
    • Blog advertising in its most basic form is having ads displayed on blogs. Blogs is the main vehicle of advertising in this industry.
  2. How do I earn from blogging?
    • You earn not really from blogging but instead from placing ads on your blog. Advertisers will then pay you based on either the amount of clicks generated from your ads or the number of impressions.
  3. What are ad campaigns?
    • Ad campaigns are organized marketing strategies to help advertisers promote and sell their product. As a Nuffnanger, you and your blog will act as host for these campaigns.
  4. How do ad campaigns work?
    • Advertisers generally rent the ad space from your blog then pay you per click or per impression made.
  5. What type of ad units are available?
    • There are currently 3 types of ad units available. Skyscraper, Large Rectangle, and Leaderboard. For a more detailed look click here.


  1. Do I need to use all 3 types of ad units to earn money?
    • No you don't need to have all the 3 types of ads on your blog to earn money but it will increase the chances of earning more money because when ads are more prominent and abundant, advertisers are more likely to advertise on your blog.
  2. What are the factors that affect my earnings?
    • There are a few factors that directly correspond with your earnings. Site traffic is however the main one. So stay loyal to Nuffnang, keep blogging and you shall be rewarded!
  3. How will I be paid?
    • You will be paid once you cash out and a cheque will be mailed to your mailing address as per our system. You will be paid in Ringgit Malaysia.
  4. I just cashed out, when will my cheque arrive?
    • This simple algorithm applies to all Nuffnangers upon cash out to figure out when your cheque will arrive. Last day of "cash out" month + 30 days processing period + 14th days approximate mailing time. Example: I cashed out on the 19th of July 2012. (31st July + 30 days + 14 days = Cheque will arrive on the 15th of September 2012)
    • Should it not arrive by then, kindly let us know so we can take action right away.
      Please let us know within 6 months of the date of your requested cashout, and we will reissue you a new cheque immediately. Otherwise, the cheque will expire one year from the date it was issued, and the amount declared unclaimed by Bank Negara.
  5. Why do some people earn more and others less?
    • As mentioned earlier, bloggers earn by serving Nuffnang ads on their blog so ad campaigns can run on them. Therefore your earnings directly correspond to the number of visits and clicks you get each day on your blog. The higher your engagement, the more you will earn.
  6. What should I blog about to attract the attention of advertisers?
    • Unfortunately there isn't a magic formula that can work for everyone. Blogging is about self-expression and earning money from that is secondary but of course important and motivating. All we can say is blog about the things you're passionate about as it will reflect on your blog.
  7. So why haven't I earned yet?
    • The main reason your earnings are still zero is due to blog or site traffic. If your traffic is extremely low, then it is normal to have zero earnings. To combat this, start driving traffic to your blog!
  8. How do I get Advertorials?
    • Advertorial opportunity is offered selectively by advertisers to bloggers who have high number of visitors and has a suitable content and writing style with their products/services. Nuffnang will always champion bloggers with high traffic (at least 1000 unique visitors daily) to advertisers for advertorial opportunities but the decision to pick a blogger in particular lies in the hands of advertisers. Once picked for an advertorial; we will get in touch with the blogger with further instructions.

Admin Panel:

  1. How do I change my email address?
    • Write into our helpdesk and tell us you want to change your email address. Include in the ticket your new e-mail address and your IC number for verification.
  2. How do I change my payee name?
    • Write into our helpdesk and tell us you want to change your Payee Name. Include in the ticket your updated payee name and IC number for verification. Bear in mind that your payee name should resemble your name on your Identification Card.
  3. Can I have two Nuffnang accounts instead of just one?
    • Unfortunately, the rules clearly state that each person is allowed up to only 1 account. This is to ensure that all payment and administrative tasks run uniformly and smoothly.
  4. How many blogs can I add to my Nuffnang account?
    • You may add as many blogs as you wish to your Nuffnang account however we suggest only adding the ones that are active, display Nuffnang ads and are open to public.
  5. How do I add another blog to my account?
    • You may do so at your Blog Manager. You can access your Blog Manager from your Nuffnang Dashboard.
  6. Can I link my Nuffnang Account with ChurpChurp?
    • Yes you may. All you have to do is click on the ChurpChurp icon on top of your Nuffnang dashboard and follow the simple instructions.
  7. How do I remove the ads on my blog?
    • All you have to do is to remove our ad codes from your blog. If you are using a widget in Blogger, all you have to do is remove the entire widget.
  8. How do I delete my Nuffnang account?
    • Write into our helpdesk and tell us you want to "close your Nuffnang account". Include in the ticket the reason for closing the account and your IC number for verification.
  9. What are polls?
    • Polls are meant for you to utilize if you wish to know your visitors better. It will also help subtly for advertisers to know your readers better so they can advertise more effectively on your blog in the long run.
  10. How do I change my password?
    • You may update your password by clicking on the "Forgot your Password" link under the login field. Kindly follow the instruction given and you should be able to change the password easily.
  11. Can I change my Username?
    • Unfortunately, your username is unique to you and cannot be changed.

Nuffnanger Perks:

  1. What is Featured Blogger of the Month?
    • Each month, we choose a lucky and deserving blogger to be featured on our Nuffnang blog.
  2. Can I become the featured blogger of the month?
    • Yes of course! As long as you're a Nuffnanger, it is an open opportunity. All Featured Bloggers go through a nomination process to ensure that all is fair and right so should you be interested, do write in to us on our Helpdesk and share with us a little bit about yourself and why you think we should choose you to be our next Featured Blogger of the Month.
  3. How do I join the events hosted by Nuffnang?
    • Nuffnang events are the cherry on top of the ice-cream sundae here at Nuffnang. As a Nuffnanger, you have full access to all our events. As most of the events are free, there is usually some form of giveaway or contest running. To ensure it is fair for all Nuffnangers, you are required to join the contest and winners will be chosen accordingly as per the mechanics.

Ad Management:

  1. What is CPUV?
    • Cost-Per-Unique-Visit - This means that the advertiser purchases a number of unique visits from your blog. The ad campaign will end once the number of UV's have been expired.
  2. What is CPC?
    • Cost-Per-Click - This means that the advertiser purchases a number of unique clicks from your blog. The ad campaign will end once the number of clicks has been expired.
  3. What is CTR?
    • Click-Through-Ratio - The Click-Through-Ratio indicates the amount of people who click on your ads out of the total amount of visits you get. The higher the CTR, the better as blogs with a CTR of more than 0.2% will automatically be eligible for a CTR bonus which is extra earnings.
  4. Where do I place the ads?
    • You may place your ads anywhere on your blog. However for optimal visibility and performance, we recommend that you place them in the suggested areas on our Add Ads page.
  5. I blog on Wordpress, why don't my ads show?
    • Free versions of Wordpress.com do not allow the use of Javascripts nor the editing of their template's HTML. However, hosting your blog by using Wordpress.org's files on your own domain will allow you to do so if you are able to set the file permission settings through your FTP.
  6. I blog on Xanga, why doesn't my ads show?
    • At the moment, Xanga Themes do not support the use of javascript as it prevents the "< script >" tag to be inserted when placing a HTML code into their widgets. Only the old "Look & Feel" page allows the user to insert javascript. You may find the Xanga support forum thread about this here
  7. I blog on LiveJournal, why doesn't my ads show?
    • Unfortunately LiveJournal currently does not allow 3rd party advertisements nor the editing of their HTML.
  8. I blog on Multiply, why doesn't my ads show?
    • Unfortunately Multiply currently does not allow 3rd party advertisements nor the editing of their HTML.
  9. Can I also put Google Ads on my blog?
    • Nuffnang Ads do not look like Google Ads, are neither contextual nor formatted in any way to look like Google Ads or search boxes so you should not have a problem with putting on Nuffnang Ads on the same page as Google Adsense. Do refer to the Google Adsense Program Policies for further details.