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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of October

“To have knowledge is to first be inspired by the craziest imagination”

-Albert Einstein –

When I first got the news that I’m chosen to be the featured blogger of October, I wonder why Nuffnang would choose an average teh tarik drinking, joke telling, never-want-to-take-things-seriously, and controversy hunting blogger like me! But then again, I’m glad to have this opportunity given to me to actually showcase my wacky writings and tribulations in my very own creation – tehtarikmemoirs.com! So here goes nothing…

In the real world, I’m a 27 year old Law graduate from The University of Reading, UK with the obsession of talking and writing and a head full of dreams and ideas.
Like many Malaysians, sometimes we get the craziest and most creative ideas while we sit and chitchat in the local Mamak stall, sipping our drinks in the wee hours of the night with our mates. I am no exception to this stereotype. I remembered I spent so much time outside chit chatting with my friends, my dad once told me that I would never achieve anything by just wasting my time talking and chatting the night away while I have my teh tarik session.

How wrong is he?

I took the challenge literally and created my blog somewhere in December last year, documenting the ideas, doings, talks or anything else that an average teh tarik drinker would go through in his everyday life. A portal that I figured would be the best place to compile ideas that people would always dismiss them to be “unimportant” or mere “coffee house talk”. What started out merely as a blog to record ideas has now grown to be a platform for myself to come out with as much wacky ideas as possible to attract the readers.

The idea behind tehtarikmemoirs.com is to come up with posts and ideas that either the average man (or woman) would be able to enjoy and relate. Back then I remembered that I didn’t have a pretty face to feature on my posts, I didn’t have brilliant pictures/camera to use for my blog and I didn’t have any celebrity friends to talk about. Just the average blogger doing his own average stuff!

Instead of blabbing endlessly about myself, I figured it would be a neat idea to put fun facts about myself! :D

Teh Tarik fun fact #1 – I have my very own TeamTehTarik!

The creation of tehtarikmemoirs.com was inspired and supported by several close friends around me, who are now part of a “crew” of equally wacky bloggers and we’re literally up for anything! To date, TeamTehTarik participated in almost all of the events organized by Nuffnang, travelled together to the ends of the Earth and of course many more! So far, TeamTehTarik consists of Tech Gurus, Fashionistas, Ideologists and Photography & Design Gurus, almost all of the categories of bloggers you can find in town.

[TeamTehTarik painting the town red with me!]

[With a few members of TeamTehTarik!]

[Travel escapades!]

Teh Tarik fun fact #2 – I love events and competitions!

As a loyal member of the Nuffnang community, your best bet of meeting me would be in events or competitions. For every competition organized by Nuffnang, I try to come up with so many different ideas for the competition, just so that every entry would be different than the previous one. As a “certain audition video” would have told many of you guys out there, I’d sing, dance or even cry just to win a competition! :D

[My involvement with Nuffnang activities!]

Teh Tarik fun fact #3 – I talk WAAAAAYYYY too much

Call it a force of habit but whenever I’m around people, my “verbal diarrhea syndrome” seem to kick in every single time. Then again it’s always better for a blogger to be loud then quiet and timid all the time right?

Teh Tarik fun fact #4 – I take/am horrible in pictures!

For most of you bloggers out there, every one of you rely on a good picture to post up on your blogs so obviously you would know your own perfect smile, perfect picture angle and everything else. Not me. I seem to have more candid, “Oh-wait-wait-not-ready-yet” pictures that I kinda gave up on trying to pose. Hence the large quantities of my pictures looking like I was hit by the ugly stick repeatedly…

dence that I cannot take photo op seriously! :D]

Teh Tarik fun fact #5 – I will do almost anything to get attention!

Be it risky or daring, I have been documented to have done some wacky things for the sake of content for my blog. For me, living life to the fullest has always been my motto in life and through my postings in my blog, many would have found that to be the creed of my ideas. Be it dressing up as super villain, making a complete moron of myself singing online and even man-handled by a mechanical bull, my escapades sure have its set of stories to tell.

Teh Tarik fun fact #6 – I actually DRINK teh tarik during my mamak session

Some people put in their persona on their blog for the very sake that it’s the in thing at the moment. I call myself the “Teh Tarik Drinker” because I really do enjoy my teh tarik sessions a wee bit too much…

Lastly I would love to thank the people of Nuffnang for the opportunity to squatter tehtarikmemoirs.com on their website for the next one month and hopefully this would give the site more opportunity for it to grow even further than it already is. I would also love to thank everyone out there who either knows me or took the time to get to know me and been supporting my site for all this time. You people have been GREAT!

As I would always say to the people I meet: