Our Community

A community is defined as “a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society” and to us, we are a blogging community. It might be for various reasons and we're all from different genres but we are all bloggers; thus we are proud of it! Here at Nuffnang, our staff is constantly interacting and engaging bloggers through events, parties, gatherings and the most regular one - movie premiere screenings!

What are the benefits of being in the Nuffnang Community?

Whether you're a hardcore blogger with all the right tools and tricks or if you just someone who is here to share the daily adventures of your life, being a part of the Nuffnang community brings you an abundance of perk that money can't buy. There's only so much someone can talk about so here's the few that we feel is the most awesome because blogging is no longer a hobby, with Nuffnang blogging becomes a lifestyle.

Everything is Exclusively Nuffnang

Yes, we do mean everything. At Nuffnang we pride ourselves on making it exclusive for Nuffnangers. Our events, contests, and gatherings are all blogger exclusive and as most of our Nuffies are bloggers themselves, Nuffnang events are truly “by bloggers for bloggers”. At Nuffnang we believe that every blogger deserves to be treated like the influencer they are. More or less, you’re pretty much like a celebrity.


Events and gatherings are the core of the Nuffnang community and there is a reason behind that. As a blogger, a certain lifestyle is needed to upkeep one's blog and to enhance the quality of content as well as traffic flow. As a Nuffnang blogger, you are not only writing but you are considered a self-publisher as well and therefore you fall into the class of “media”. Becoming a part of the media can be very rewarding if your blog has high traffic. Think of press screenings, product launches and pre-launch parties it will all be exclusively for you.

Parties & Gatherings

Now, everyone loves to party. There are of course the occasional few that don't but heck, they usually succumb to peer pressure and party as well! At Nuffnang, both our staff and our community work hard but we play harder. We believe that parties and gatherings alike will increase our happiness quotient and in turn make everyone more productive and passionate toward their work. (And yes, blogging can be considered a career too!)


Blogging can only get better with friends, which is why we at Nuffnang believe that networking is of paramount importance. All our events and parties are designed to make the most of the interaction between bloggers from different areas of blogging. So join us, make new friends; new connections.

Sponsored Posts

For Nuffnangers who are able to attract the attention of advertisers, the opportunities of Sponsored Posts are abundant. When you have reached this level of blogging and of course many will, blogging will start generating income for you via Advertorial and Sponsored Posts. Yes, you will be paid to blog! This of course depends highly on your influence as a blogger.


The lifestyle of a Nuffnanger is definitely a life to be the envy of many. You will be invited to events specially catered for our community, get invites to exclusive and amazing parties by us and our clients as well as the everyday perks of being a blogger. Everything is yours; first hand. From fashion and beauty to tech and food, we at Nuffnang work hard on getting our Nuffnangers the best and most exclusive experience. Think tech reviews before the product launch, think food tastings, fashion shoots and boutique openings. Think celebrity treatment!

We can tell you everything and anything about what life is like being a Nuffnanger but nothing beats the experience of being one. So join Nuffnang now and be part of the exclusive blogger experience.