About Us

Our Name

Brap brap! Whaddup, bruv. She bare fit, innit?

If any of the above rings a bell, we swear we're not trying to sound like Ali G. Really.

And if you're not familiar, welcome to the language that is Jafaikan - a kind of slang used in conversations by hip foreigners on the streets of London.

Nuff Nang is a Jaifakan word which translates to "Real good or real cool."

Our co-founders found a Jaifakan word apt to name the company they were international students in London when they first thought of starting the company.

So we... nuffnang, bruv?

Our Logo

Nuffnang's revamped logo was officially unveiled at our first Singaporean Community event, on 9th August 2007.

Retaining the key elements of our previous logo, the familiar stickman remains the center of focus.

With his figure arched back, and his hands to his mouth (an effort to amplify his speech), the stickman is proclaiming something out loud.

A new facet of the design sees the stickman shouting "Out of the box".

This has dual significance and represents the activities of both the blogger and the advertiser.