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Benjamin Sew

Benjamin Sew

Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of January ’08

I am so sorry that instead of ushering in the new year by having some good looking blogger who has 10,000 hits a day and a life that is way more interesting than Britney Spears’ as the Nuffnang Featured Blogger of the Month, you only get.. this guy.

Picture stolen from KY’s facebook

The name is Benjamin Sew but he is better known as Sewjin. He is a 22 year old mechanical engineering student and he (obviously) has too much time on his hands. Instead of doing something that would actually benefit himself or others like studying hard to secure his future or finding a cure for cancer, he decides to dedicate ALL that free time into maintaining an online diary (a.k.a blog), Just Sewjin.

He has been blogging for one and a half years now. Though most of the stuff he blogs about are pretty mundane, he makes it a point to insert humour wherever possible. Yep. He’s a blog comedian. Just when you thought comedians are the lowest form of beings in the showbiz foodchain, here he is. Bacteria. Well as you can tell, he is all about self-deprecating humour. Not because it is the funniest but because it is the politest of all humours.

This boy grew up watching A LOT of Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. So much so that when Sewjin hit 19, his dad had to cancel the kids package just to get him to watch the news. He didn’t. He was then reduced to just one channel, Star World. That is when he discovered a new brand of funny called Situation Comedies or “Sitcoms”. He loved it.

His main influences would be Frasier, Seinfeld and Scrubs. However, he still turns to cartoons like Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park to keep him ‘grounded to his roots’. With the introduction of broadband however, he discovered yet another type of comedy. Stand up. His idols include Chris Rock, Dane Cook and Russell Peters.

Since he can’t write very well or speak in public without wetting himself, he figures that the best way for him to present his funnies are through his comics:


Blogging had been pretty fun for him and it still is. Along the way, he has met some pretty awesome guys and girls who all have given him tremendous support. Second only to his family, the people he holds close to his heart are his blog visitors. He is thankful for those who never fail to leave a comments in each of his posts. He is even more thankful to those who wrote in e-mails asking him to keep up what he’s doing.

Esther and Me
Esther, one of the awesome girls I met through blogging.

This Sabahan (now a KL-ite convert) hopes that his love for comedy will bring him somewhere in life. If it doesn’t.. well, at least he made you smile along the way.

Oh ya I almost forgot. Yay Nuffnang! Boo others!