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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of April

First thing first, I would like to thanks Nuffnang for this big gift of selecting me as their Featured Blogger of the Month!

This is how I looked like when I received the call from Robb about the Featured Blogger of the Month.

It is really a coincidence that April also marks the month when I started to blog 2 years ago at http://akiraceo.blogspot.com before I moved to www.akiraceo.com 5 months ago where I got it with my Nuffnang earning.

Its funny that my blogging life started when I was actually force to blog for the whole semester for a course assignment where I was eventually got addicted to it in the end.

Almost forgot, I’m Jian or better known as Miao the cat in my blog.

For those who have been reading and visited my blog all this while, know that it’s a style of mine to do my post in a comical way. I draw comics for almost all my posts where I portrait myself as an orange colored cat like the one shown in the illustrations above. (please ignore my Keipoh (busy-body) hamsters)

Ever since I was in school, I have a very bad command in any language I know where I couldn’t really express how I wanted it to be using words. Back then, writing an essay is really a pain in the head when I need to figure out how I should explain a particular situation.

The same thing goes to blogging. I can remember that I had already started creating a blog back in 2003 but I couldn’t even write the first post up until four years later where I had this idea to use illustrations and some words for a post which eventually turn into a full comic strip in the end.

How I encounter and ‘counter’ my heavy workload at work.

I think my blog is more to a personal diary kinda type. I focus mainly on any encounters I met in my life where I try to change them into comic strips and picture them as humorous as I could. I believe any normal routines or encounters can be very interesting if we try to picture them in a different way.

For some unknown reasons, blogging seems to change me and my life. I use to be very shy and prefer to hide myself inside my room playing games and surfing than going out and meeting with people and making new friends.

Nowadays, I really like to go out for gatherings and meet up with people (People I met in 2008) even I’m going alone, though I’m still shy and doesn’t talk much. Hahaha Now I just can’t wait for the Nuffnang Music Bash, planning to meet some new friends there.

A friend of mine once told me that he didn’t know that I’m so outgoing when I told him about the gatherings I went , and the funny thing is I didn’t know I was so outgoing either.

Anyway, if not mistaken this will be the first Nuffnang event I ever joined excluded the Nuffnang online contest such as KameHameHa contest where I was given the Best Creative Award for my post. Thank you again Nuffnang!!

I frequently came across with the question of why did I chose a cat to portrait myself.

I think there’s something to do with this. Hahaha

Hahaha one of the reason is that I adored cats a lot. I used to have pet cats and grew up with them but not anymore when I moved to West Malaysia. Oh ya did I mentioned that I’m from Kuching. It is a coincidence that I happened to be this kucing from Kuching.

They always say that cat lovers hate dogs and vice versa but its different in my case. I had pet dogs, and rabbits, and carps and also hamsters before. Hahaha I think I’m quite an animal lover person. Currently the only pets I’m keeping with me here in West Malaysia are my two hamsters; Wafu and Pafu who I always include in my daily comic strip.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone, my friends, my family, and my hamsters. And my biggest thanks to my readers, visitors and commentators, you guys are the main reason that encourages me to keep on drawing. You guys are the BEST!!

And of course Nuffnang for this award and everything else! Muacks!