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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of January

First things first, sit back and grab a cuppa cause before you know it; hey your reading this because I am this month’s featured blogger. (Well at least that cuppa you grabbed can entertain you if you do get bored reading this)

I blog at nigelais.blogspot.com which I have been blogging at for about a year now coming. where also a few people has came up to me a couple of times asking me why ‘ais’? Well, if you look a little closer you’ll know why. *Wink*

Oh, and I assure you I am not some obsessed fanatic Quiksilver guy who goes around plastering their logos around my blog layout. My blog is mostly an outlet for my creativity and also a place where I can share my development of skills and passion that includes all things graphic, photography and video. And since I handle everything graphic related to the brand here in Malaysia as my day job and personally liking the brand itself (in fact, I’m a hidden surfer fan that wishes to be by the beach every single day if I could), I’d tend to blend in some of my work elements into my blog.

Aside from all that formality, my blog has become a portal for me to make and meet more new friends each time. I know, cliché as it is, it’s extremely true.

My blogging world has taken a huge 180 degrees turn when I actually went for my first blogger meet where a bunch of us met up for a movie.

Let’s just say that one time occurrence turned long-term.

Aside from blogging on certain events that I attend with my friends:

At the Nokia IAC event.

Movie screenings thanks to Nuffnang.

At Zouk’s Grand Launch Party

At a Hennessy Artistry event

Nothing beats than having a get together with the ones that makes you laugh and have absolutely tons to talk about that set the cows to come home:

At a BBQ get-together.

Celebrating my birthday.

At a farewell ‘satay celup’ gathering.

Having steamboat dinner.

At an ‘Old Skool’ house party.

Celebrating Christmas in Desa Park City.

It’s never a bore with them, and I thank blogging to have met them.

I get restless easily, which is why I dabble with my passion and constantly wanting to improve my graphic skills, my photography, my videography and playing music.

Yes, I am a huge music fan. Despite that it doesn’t show much on my blog, it’s merely something you’ll learn about me by hanging out with me more often.

I eat, live and thrive on and for music for I can vanish into my own world wherever I am to the sounds and beats of a tune while doing the air-guitar or air-drums rather life-like and ferociously. Call me and old soul, but I’m a die-hard old school music fan and I dig live gigs.

On one of the many random jamming sessions.

My friends have to drag me out of the set if there was one playing and it isn’t a surprise if you spot me at a local gig because give me local music scene anytime and anywhere, I’m there.

If you’re into playing music, perhaps we can jam someday too – just
remember to pop me a message on my blog.

The past one year that I’ve been blogging, I’ve received tremendous rewards and support from various people around me and I could not ask for more.

My passion for videos, to my surprise had me walking home with the grand prize in various competitions that I have participated in:

DiGi’s ‘Happy Moments’ Contest.
Click hereto view my winning video entry.

Seagate’s Precious Memories Competition.

A Moment With Your Kakiis Video Contest

Not forgetting that I was shortlisted in a competition where professional film makers joined as well.

It goes without a hesitation that it inspired me much more in my passion for video making.

But it isn’t all just about competitions; I do videos as well to amuse my friends and also as a gift to them.

Video still from a Christmas celebration.

A birthday video dedication to a friend.

Various wedding videos for friends and family.

Being part of the biggest blogging community, Nuffnang has also given me opportunities to expand my blogging skills as well with their generous invites for various things and contests as well.

It must have been written in fate for my phone actually died on me a couple of days before the Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Party as I came home from the party with a brand new phone for my ‘Most Creative Post’ entry.

Clickhere to see the complete entry.

Clickhere to see what happened at the party – video style!

My creative outputs are also a way for me to escape reality a couple of seconds to unwind myself. I do funny things to not only entertain myself but to also make others chuckle. Here’s one of them:

Click here to see the entire set.

Which is why, I was even more thrilled when I was given the chance to join in on a blogger-media-familiarization trip to Krabi earlier last year – fully paid for.

The sun, sand and sea – what a way to take time off.

Do check out my travelogue there in the form of poems.

I think the cuppa you grabbed earlier is probably empty by now, so it is time I bid everyone adieu.

With all that’s being said, I hope to encourage you out there reading this for I wouldn’t want this to be a mere passing for anyone.

Conventional as it may be, it is true that if you put in dedication and discipline and mostly your heart in anything that you want to achieve doing, do so and do it with a 101%.

I never thought any of those things that I mentioned earlier would happen to me. If it could happen to me, heck it can certainly happen to you as well.

Alright, signing off hoping not to sound more like an uncle, I wish all of you
who are reading this a Happy New Year.

It’s a brand new year, so what are you waiting for?

Go do something about it!And remember to cherish and appreciate the people and moments that you have right now for we do not know what tomorrow holds.

God bless!