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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of March

BLOGGING POWER FUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise your hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

If you have been reading my blog for the past 4 years, that’s one of my favourite taglines and it’s taken from Japanese TV host Razor Ramon Hard Gay.

Hi people, I blog at jenkinyat.com, better known as Yatz..I’ve been blogging since September 2004 and time flies really fast.

Initially, my intention of blogging was to improve my English command and a reason to start a journal. It’s good to start one since I don’t think I’ll be writing much since I’ve left secondary school and doing Engineering course.

As time past by, I got myself hooked up with blogging and got to know more people and make friends in the blogging world, the so-called blogosphere.

Furthermore, thanks to Nuffnang, a network community is created and congrats to them to have survived the bad times and still going strong. I bet they WILL keep on going and revolutionize the concept of blogging in Malaysia. Oh, they have just turned two on 27th of February 2009. Congrats again!

I’m most associated with my long hair, albeit being a guy and studying Engineering and it’s no ordinary long hair. Many people wondering how long I’ve kept my hair. It’s been ever since I’ve started blogging back then. Yes, more than 4 years with my long hair and I’m NOT planning to cut it anytime soon.

*History of My Short Hair and Long Hair* There’s not many male bloggers out there who have the length of my hair, except one, and we’ve known each other for almost 3-4 years I guess. Also, it’s very natural for me to put my hair into good use.

Back in October 2008, Nuffnang organized a Halloween party. I’ve been planning to do something with my hair ever since I decided to keep it. I went to the party as Sadako, the Japanese ghost from The Ring, an old-time Japanese ghost movie where Hollywood bought the right to remake it.

*Check out what others dressed as and how I looked like when I’m with others* Check out how we roamed the street in our party costume right after the party.


Years have past and blogging has taken a slight paradigm shift, thanks to Nuffnang again. From what it used to be a personal diary or journal, it has now become a bridge that connects people across the Net.

I myself too, have changed my blogging style, from a personal journal, I’ve treated blogging as a form a information medium where I share my thoughts, views, and things that are worth for other people to know.

I consider myself as an all-rounder blogger where I blog about lifestyle, food, events, music, movies, and even animes. Hopefully I could venture into photography soon, which I’m still saving money to get serious in photography.

I’m quite a law-freak, not to the extent that I abide to all of them, so I’ve been catching Traffic Offenders by showing the whole world how silly or brainless they could be.

Other than those personal indulgences, I love to make friends via blogging, and it proves that you could make more friends in the blogosphere, than in real-life, at least for me.

Back in April 2008, a group of bloggers, 95% Nuffnangers, decided to come out for a movie and ever since then, it’s all about fun, friendship, and happiness. Of course there are ups and downs but with them, and many others, life had been better as I believed WILL be better than ever.

*The DGMB gang at the movie Definitely, Maybe* After the movie, unconsciously we’ve came out with many different ideas for a gathering just to make sure the bond is always strong and still standing.

*We had BBQ Party in one of the gang’s house*

*We had Pot Luck Party* It was also the one night that we really had fun, from feasting on food, camwhoring and video-recording, and also the one where I pee-ed in the front yard and some water balloon wars.

*We had Mooncake Festival gathering at my house*

*We went all the way to Klang for Dry Bak Kut Teh at Qe Xiang*

*We had Old Skool Party to re-live our sweet memories when we were still young kids*

Most of us dressed up in our school uniform, we bought food and unearth toys that we used to eat and play, and of course, we played and eat them!

*We had Christmas Dinner and played at Desa Park City*

*We had NYE Countdown Party cum Birthday Party*

We rented a room at Duta Vista, we celebrated a birthday, we played games, drank, countdown, and we also did other stupid stuff (video recorded).

*The gang gave me a somewhat surprise birthday party at Zouk KL* Other than the DGMB gang, I had my fair share of experience with other bloggers and friends as well. I would say they make up the other quarter of my life (I still have my family with me okay :P).

*I went to Nuffnang’s First Year Anniversary Party in Pajama*

I pushed myself to the limit where I sleep everywhere just to get myself a ticket to the party, to meet other bloggers and Singaporean hot blogger Dawn Yang!

*I celebrated my Merdeka Eve with the Coolerclubbers* I would say they are a bunch of fun and happening friends to be with, with boozes and very supportive in “sponsored” events. Look at the skin colors, I felt muhibah and very Malaysian when I’m with them.

*I went to random year-end cum Xmas bloggers gathering in 2007 and 2008 at Marche, The Curve*

*I had another Christmas Dinner with other bloggers at Michaelangelo in Pavillion*

*Hangout with other blogger to a nice chill out session where food and drinks were free flow* Bloggers aside, I had much fun where I get to hangout with the Nuffnang staff in numerous events and private gatherings. It’s nice to get to know them and yes, I cherish the friendship very much. I’ve known them ever since Nuffnang is established.

*We celebrated one of the Nuffies’ birthday in Nuffnang’s office*

*We celebrated another Nuffie’s birthday at RedBox in Pavillion*

I blog about food, and the most recent one, a group of bloggers and I went for a food review session at Cova in Gardens. The food was freaking awesome! Talk about my interest towards photography, I’ve fetishes on clouds and skies. Whenever I have a camera in hand, I would flash it out and start taking pics of the blue sky, non-stop.

*One of my cloud photos I took during PC Fair*

That’s all I’ve to share bout my blogging experience, be it in the virtual world, or in real world, blogging has been great and I believed the fun will never end here.

I don’t see myself as being famous (where some tagged me as one). I would say I am well-known among some other bloggers. So there is no need to treat me (or any bloggers out there) like a superstar nor celebrity. We are still normal humans, just like you.

Although sometimes blogging are much like real world where politics occurred once in a while, too. I guess all that matters is just be true to yourself.

Hypocrisy is what makes politic arise among bloggers. Be honest, original, and open up your heart. You will definitely enjoy blogging as much as I do.