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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of January

Oh hey, look!! I’m the featured blogger of Jan 2011!!!

Okay now here’s the problem, I do not know what & how to write this…
So I am writing this post to welcome the New Year – 2011!!

Me & Myself

I’m currently 24 years old and I am an IT graduate who’s working fulltime in a non-IT related field. I’m also working part time for VisualStory as a videographer.

She is my love and her name is Tiffanie Tan. Nuff said. =)

I celebrated my birthday just last month with a few close friends and had a birthday surprise from my love on that day itself. Year 2010 was a blast for me personally as I’ve gone through quite a lot last year, changing job as well as going through some hard times that is.

Oh and I love doing random stuffs!! (Pic – KL Freeze back in 2008)


For your information, thanks to some of my friends, i started blogging back in 2004 where i used Xanga. Since then, I’ve changed different blogging platforms which include Blogdrive & Blogspot till 2009 where i got my own domain & hosting.

I blog about everything, from my daily routine to stories on meeting people and events I’ve attended. Nowadays, I also mostly write about any other random stuffs which I feel like sharing, blogging is already part of my life and that’s what I love doing!

Friends & People Around

I’m thankful for having great friends all these years where we shared quite a lot of stuffs together, friends from Secondary school, College as well as from the basketball court! Adding on to that, I actually made a whole lot more friends through my blog by going out to blog related events, movie screenings & etc in the past few years.

Won’t say that I’m close with all of them but I had quite a number of people in the pictures above which I kept close to myself and they’ve been there ever since I know them.

Manchester United & I

I’ve been supporting Manchester United for 8 years now since year 2002 and I would get excited whenever there’s any news on the football club. Had my dream come true visiting Old Trafford back in 2009. It all started by being in the 40 bloggers project. Blogging 2 Nuffnang advertorial posts for MisterPotato promoting about the contest to Manchester United. Through that, i knew about the competition and started collecting seals and submitted all of them in the last month before the dateline. I won the contest and had my dream came true in early 2009!

To add on to the whole relationship between me and Manchester United, i got a second chance to visit Old Trafford AGAIN in another contest as well in the same year where this time round i get to meet the first team players in person as well as watch them train. It was an amazing experience!!! <3 Read more about both my trips here & here!

If you’re following me on Twitter, you would see me spamming almost every weekend when there’s a Manchester United game, do tweet back if you happen to see me doing that aite?!

Last but not Least

Well I’m sorry if this whole post is too long for you to digest; I just have too much to share about along with the thousands of pictures to show!!! =)

Over the years, I’ve been called famous and I seriously do not think so that I am, I’m just as normal as any other normal person out there. Then came a little bird who told me that I should have more self-confidence.

So, after being featured here, I guess I’m really famous already eh? =X

To those who love blogging and really enjoy doing it, BLOG ON!!

Thanks to Nuffnang for featuring me and if you’re free, do drop by my blog at JOSHUAONGYS.COM. =D

God Bless & Have an awesome 2011 peeps!!!!