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Careen Tan


Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of January 2015

Hello everybuddy!

My name is Careen and I still can’t believe I’m actually writing to all of you here in this space!


When I first received the e-mail from the Nuffies telling me that I had been chosen as the Featured Blogger of the Month in January 2015, I had to do take a second look at the e-mail because it truly came as a surprise! I’ve been reading the FBOTM posts all these years and I never thought that one day it’ll be my turn. What a great way to kickstart 2015! :)

So here’s a little bit about myself.

When did you start blogging, and why?

I started blogging back in 2004 (10 years ago!) at www.careen.vox.com. I know, you must be wondering what Vox is but don’t worry, it’s not your problem because vox.com is so old that it’s been shut down. Everyone was on blogspot.com back then and I was trying to be hipster so I chose vox.com, but really #daisei for trying hard to be different because I had to eventually move to blogspot.com anyway when my blog was totally gone T_T So yes, moved to www.careentxy.blogspot.com in 2008, and bought the domain name www.careentan.com in 2013!

I was an avid reader of blogs back then when social media such as Facebook and Instagram haven’t existed yet, and my favourite bloggers were XiaXue, Fourfeetnine, Kenny Sia and Cheeserland! I would stalk their blogs every night because that was the only platform for me to “connect” with my favourite bloggers, unlike now when we have some many other social media platforms to follow! They inspired me so much that one day I thought, “Hey, since I love reading blogs so much and I love to write, why not give blogging a try? If I don’t like and nobody reads then I close down my blog lor. No harm”. So yeah, that was how I started!

Some of you must be wondering, “Whattt you’ve been blogging for 10 years but I haven’t heard of you!”. I don’t blame you because I never exposed myself as a blogger anyway. When I first started blogging in the first 8 years, my blog was purely a space for me to document my personal day-to-day not-so-happening happenings , my thoughts and rants, and wasn’t affiliated with any blogging community or hung out with other bloggers at all. I never thought that there would be people reading my blog (besides my family members and friends) and my readers started pestering me to update more! When my readership started to grow, I decided to not disappoint my readers and made a point to take blogging more seriously and update more frequently. It wasn’t until the past few years that I started accepting advertorials and sponsorships, and came out of my shell to see the world (of blogging) and made friends with other awesome bloggers!

What is your blog about?

Actually, good question. My blog has always been a personal blog where I share about my journey in relationship and marriage, travels, thoughts and opinions about issues that are close to my heart, and documenting moments that I want to look back and remember 30 years down the road.

I have lots of travelling posts pending to share with my readers! Too much to share, too little time. So most of my instant updates are found on my Instagram- @careentxy.


Sydney- Nov 2013


Melbourne- Dec 2013


Kyoto – Dec 2013


Osaka- Dec 2013


Sydney- July 2014


First photos in our new ride! Blog post HERE.

Occasionally, I also share about my food hunt journey (I’m a majorrrrr foodie!) and beauty/fashion finds.


Outfit post for GUESS Blogger Awards 2014.


Beauty review on Dolce by D&G.


Food review on Breadfuits.

So I don’t know, I guess my blog is categorised under Lifestyle Blogs? Whereas to me, it has always been, and will always be a Personal Blog. My readers who have been reading my blog have literally grown together with me since years ago, from the time that I was still a struggling Communications student at Taylor’s, to the time that I was proposed to, married and now having dreams about pregnancy and giving birth (about 6 pregnancy/labour dreams to date. crazy right?). And no I’m not preggers. Yet. But hopefully soon :)

What makes you unique as a blogger?

I believe every blogger is unique because everybody is different and have their own stories to tell, adopt different writing styles and have different sets of target audiences. For me, I vowed to myself from day one that I want to be a blogger who is true, honest and relatable. Someone who is the same on the blog and in person, online and offline. Which is why I have no problem sharing personal stuff on my blog.

Many people have warned me against being so open on my blog and social media about my life, my family and marriage for fear that people might know too much and use those info against me. But I believe that as long as I don’t have anything fishy to hide and I’m not revealing too many unnecessary information, everything will be fine. My readers have been here to journey through life with me, so as much as I can, I will try to share openly and wear my heart out on my blog. It reassures me to keep doing what I’m doing when I get readers coming up to me on the streets asking for a photo and telling me how much they love reading my blog. They even recognise my husband and sisters, and sometimes even spotting them first before spotting me! Very flattered and honoured when that happens.

Blogging is my passion, my outlet and a huge part of my life, and I’m not planning to let it go.

What made you join the Nuffnang Network and how do you feel about it?

All these years of blogging I had always been an independent blogger, non-affiliated exclusively with any blogging community. It worked out fine for me but now that I have entered into my 10th year blogging, I’m looking at taking blogging much more seriously. Having to juggle with blogging, emceeing and running my online fashion start-up (www.chiqfliq.com), it really helps if I have a team of people could help me manage my blogging engagements and continue grooming me as a social media influencer.

So one day when I received an email from Nuffnang to explore our partnership together and to join the Blogerrati community, I was excited to give it a try!


50’s Themed Nom Nom Christmas Party 2014



Exclusive Passes to Mamma Mia! Courtesy of Nuffnang.

It’s been a month now since I joined the Nuffnang Network, and I must say that they are a bunch of amazing people working hard behind the scenes, and I’m rest assured that I have a good (and fun) team whom I can count on in Nuffnang. Very excited for what’s ahead!

What are the most controversial/popular posts?

Hmmm…I’m not one to blog about controversial stuff, but when I do, it means I truly feel strongly about it. One of the most controversial posts on my blog would be Girlfriend Allowance, while some of my most popular posts are Our Wedding Day, Pregnancy Dreams and This is How He Went Down…On One Knee (which is still on my almost-dead wedding blog haha).



What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Being a blogger surely has many perks such as receiving exclusive invites for events, being the first to try/review products, once-in-a-lifetime experiences organised especially for bloggers, sponsored trips and many more.

However, one of the greatest things that ever happened to me in my years of blogging was to be chosen as one of the 10 bloggers to compete in the adidas NEO Blogger Ambassador competition in year 2011.


When I knew who the other bloggers were that I was going up against, I told myself, “It’s okay la I just enjoy this journey of making friend k cos I’m definitely not gonna win”.

It was really nice getting to know other bloggers and I had a fun time completing all my challenges too! This was one of the video challenges that I submitted, one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life.

Top Raving was made famous by my favourite Youtuber, Niga Higa, so I thought it’d be fun to pull a Niga Higa on the streets of KL. Never would I have imagined that this video would go viral and even get Ryan Higa’s attention!


He replied my tweet. *dies*


He commented on my video!!! *dies again*


Ryan Higa followed me on Twitter!!! T_T *dies forever*

I literally fan girl screamed when all of these happened one after another. You can read my crazy fan girl post HERE. In the end, I won the competition and became Malaysia’s first adidas NEO Blogger Ambassador :’)


You can read about my emo post HERE. T_T

And yes, I’m actually a very crazy person and would do anything for the sake of fun! Felt super surreal that blogging actually brought me to so many places. It has literally changed my life. From there, I started getting involved in a few Youtube productions as I love acting as well! Click on the links here!

Only in Malaysia by JinnyboyTV

Class Clown by JinnyboyTV

This is Why Webseries by The Ming Thing

The Cardboard Series by The Ming Thing

Blogging has changed my life, and I believe that the best is yet to come. With such a great start to 2015, I trust it’s just going to get better from here!

On this once-in-a-lifetime post, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers who have been with me since day one, since I was still in my ugly puberty teenage years, since I was still considered a nobody. Without all your support, I wouldn’t have the chance to be featured here today. As for those of you who just gotten to know me and have not visited my blog before, hi and welcome! I hope you’ll like reading my blog :)

Okay, gotta put a stop to this entry or else I can go on and on. Read more on my blog- www.careentan.com, and get firsthand, bite-sized updates on my social media accounts!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Careenpage | www.facebook.com/Careentxy

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Careen | @Careen

Instagram: www.instagram.com/Careentxy | @careentxy

Thanks for reading, guys! :)


love, Careen