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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of April 2012

First and foremost, here’s a cupcake for Nuffnang for featuring me this month :D I am Chee Ching from http://cheechingy.com  :D I like to draw, listen to all genres of music especially KPOP and Indie and I also read a lot. I am actually a very shy person when it comes to meeting new people, thus I believe that blogging has literally made me more open to expressing myself. Not gonna ramble on, but here’s an infographic on my blog’s chronology. :D

I stumbled upon Blogspot and decided to give this online diary idea a try. I didn’t like the custom themes provided, thus I tried out Photoshop to make my own custom banner.

It started as a place to rant and to express whatever that was going on through my life. But soon it evolved to a place where I upload my illustrations and designs.

But one of the greatest motivations for blogging is to constantly able to tweak the theme and do new layouts, which is something I really enjoy.

I only started drawing comics in 2010. It was an alternative when I want to write about something but I feel that it will be boring with words. Hence, my first comic was born, ‘The Coffee Effect’. It was on and off after that. I still do blog posts where I used pictures that I’ve taken.

Some of the most memorable things with Nuffnang is when I won a few contest under it, such as Pizza Hut moments, LG Chocolate Why I Like It Longer and Sloggi Love the World contest which put my creativity to test and got it rewarded. I then feel that, hey, this could be something. I started drawing comics actively again.

2011 sort of changed everything. I got my own domain! :D and started 365 Art where I translate daily ideas into artworks. And the one that opened up doors of opportunities, being nominated in NAPBAS. I started joining movie screenings, and gatherings, and I became a little less shy.

Am looking forward to see what this year will bring me. I’ve made loads of new friends through this amazing medium, and somehow it gave me more motivation to continue what I’m doing. I’ve finally launched my own logo early this year as well, and I really want to see what’s gonna happen next.

I hope the above did not bore you to death (:P), but do visit my blog at http://cheechingy.com, tweet me at http://twitter.com/cheechingy and like my page at http://facebook.com/cheechingy where I usually share inspiring designs and other things that might strike you fancy. :D

Going back to drawing pad,
(Ahem, please call me Chee Ching if we meet real life okay. :D)