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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of October 2014

First of all, thank you NUFFNANG for the great opportunity!

It is such an honour to be featured as Nuffnang’s Featured Blogger of the month of October 2014. I’ve always wanted to be featured and finally my dream has come true, hahaha! Finally I got the chance to say HI to everyone out there!

Hello everyone! HELLO HELLO HELLOOO!!! *waves hand*


Alright. Let’s start with a short introduction in case you’re all curious to know more about Karen-kho.com. A very quick one =p



I’m Karen Kho. A full time blogger and I also run an online fashion boutique called BeStylish. I always ensure that I share all my experiences and stories (www.karen-kho.com) may it be pretty, ugly, good or bad on my personal space in hopes that I would be able to inspire my readers to take risks and chase their dreams as how I’ve chased mine. I love inspiring people around me. Reaching out to others who are struggling to be healthy and happy have always been my passion. Having said all this, it is the main reason why I blog and with all the positive feedback I’ve received it keeps me motivated to continue what I’ve been doing.



Believe it or not, I used to be a very low esteem girl mainly because of my acne prone skin. Due to it, I lost all my confidence and have been filled with negativity all the time. I suffered a lot because of my acne  which affected me mentally and physically. During that period it was really torturing but I am glad that I finally managed to overcome it. Pain makes me stronger and wiser.

Here’s a photo of my skin transformation. *I’m sorry if I do scare you off*


No one ever knew about my skin condition because I always covered it up with makeup most of the time. It took a lot of courage for me to post my naked face online but I’m really glad I did it because after doing so, I received tons of positive feedback, comments, emails from my readers and I realised there’s a lot of people out there who suffered the same thing as like me. I’m always happy to share about my experiences and it is a pleasure to help someone who suffered the same situation just like me.

I’m really blessed because my skin is so much better now compared to last time. I’m still working on it to achieve a better skin. I have shared most of my treatment experiences and skin care review in my blog and you can read my acne journey here.


Apart from all that, I do like to share a lot of fitness tips in my blog. I started my workout journey last year and it is probably the best decision I’ve made in my life! The main reason why I started to workout is because of my skin. I will get so frustrated with my skin condition after which I decided to work hard on something else – my body. I’ve worked really hard to gain my confidence back day by day working out. Hahahaha. *but I’m still working on it*.

I’m always aiming for something BETTER.


I love being active although I’m a little introvert! Working out makes me HAPPY, positive and keeps me from being a grumpy person. So because of all this, I have this blog to share all the workout routines I enjoy the most and hope that others will be able to use the tips or routines I’ve shared for their fitness goals and enjoy them too.


I know everybody tried to get in share and fails many times before finally breaking through. But I do believe that, if you are willing to work hard, educate yourself and stay consistent, you can achieve results that will last for the rest of your life.

Here are some of my home workout video I have shared on my Instagram: karenkh0

Everyone can have a pretty face (aesthetically corrected) but not everyone can have a perfect body. It is something you will have to earn and work for! *my quote of the day* May you agree with it or not, it is a fact ;)

Everybody can start somewhere. We all have our whole future ahead of us.

Perfection doesn’t happen right away. We can always work for a better us.

Besides that, I do blog about TRAVEL! I enjoy traveling very very much! For me, it is really important to see the world. Going on vacation lets us recharge our “batteries”. Traveling never fails to give me a new perspective about life. It’s nice to live life to the fullest and enjoy a stress free time during holidays, especially with your loved one. The memories created is just priceless.

I love doing what makes me happy.

I hope you find something you like on my blog :)

Thank you very much to all for the support given and thanks for reading this article and my blog too! XOXO

I’m always reachable on this various platforms:

Instagram: karenkh0

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