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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the Month of June 2014


Hello everyone! My name is KY and I run KYspeaks.com, a blog that has been in existence since February 2005, which in other words makes me some, sort of a museum specimen in the blogging world.

 I have been with Nuffnang since the day Tim called me up and he explained to me about this little project he had and was about to launch. So since then, this blog has been one of the earliest participants in this community that I’ve had the privilege to watch it grow to what it is today.

 Finally, I was chosen as one of the blogger to be featured as Blogger of the Month, thus it is my time to shine!

 Let’s do this in a self Q&A format:

What’s KYspeaks about?

 It is a blog where I write down places which are of interest to me so that I don’t forget them. These are mainly about food, but I also love to travel around and diving is one of my favourite interests as well. Occasionally, there are also other random bits that I feel the public would benefit reading about on the World Wide Web.


Food trip to Bentong, that’s curry with chee cheong fun. The curry was good!

Why aren’t you fat?

 This by far the most common question I get when meeting new people who has read the site. The simplest answer I would give them is that I value variety over quantity, and I do in fact participate in sports several times per week. You can attribute it to genetics as well if that is somehow more comforting though =D

 Where are you from?

 The first 18 years of my life was spent in Penang, but now I am a permanent resident in the state of Selangor with a comfortable job in Kuala Lumpur.


Me at one the most awesome dining place in Sanur, Bali which serves the island’s most famous delicacy.

Can you name one unpopular view that you have?

 MSG is only bad for you as to having too much salt and, MSG is naturally occurred in many day to day foods that we perceive as beneficial such as seaweed.

 Are you a full time blogger?

 Not exactly as I do have a day job, but thanks to Nuffnang, I do make a bit of lunch money from blogging. It also does help me fund more eating and travelling sprees that I enjoy.


We had a quiet weekend at Dusun.

What’s the coolest thing about being a slightly known blogger?

 Whenever someone I just met at an event or maybe in public, the first reaction I would get is, “I follow and read your blog!”. Having heard that makes me extremely happy and I always have this reaction which is “OREALLYY?!”.

 Where else can we find you apart from your blog?

 You can follow me on Instagram to check out on my daily food pictures (especially the breakfast series). I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Yah, I’m the guy who draws map on his blog.

 What’s one thing that you’d love to see from readers?

 If they appreciate the article, leave a comment because all writers love comments!

Thanks for reading and see you on my blog!