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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of October 2012

October is a good month for me coz everything great and awesome seems to fall on this month. 1stly I made a career change to a better but a much more challenging environment, 2ndly I’m gonna start the process of creating my dream house from scratch, yes it’s my Dream House Makeover and if you like to sponsor me say any electrical appliances like LED TV or furniture like Kitchen Cabinet or Walk-in Wardrobe, please contact me! Haha.


Lastly, this month will also mark another new chapter in my life as I’ll be signing a piece of paper which will change my status forever! Goodbye to singledom! Wedding planning begins right after. I’m sure it’ll be tiresome for months to come coz it’s a lengthy and tedious process but nevertheless I am very EXCITED to get married and I’m very much looking forward to it! Last but not least I’m gonna be Featured Blogger of The Month (FBOTM) of October 2012! Woohoo! I blogged for so many years and I didn’t even think that I will be featured and I thought I’m just any millions of other bloggers out there that have the passion of writing blog.

Hmmm do you actually know the real meaning of blogging? What’s a blog? Who’s the real blogger? Ahhh… I have no idea at all till everyone start calling and identify me as a blogger because I own a blog? Duh!! Lolz. So, does that imply that a person who writes or owns a blog is a blogger? So, are you one of the millions of bloggers out there?

Donkey’s years ago, during my secondary school days, there’s this hype where people would own their very own personal site referred to as “homepage”. That was when I started to get active in online stuff and find it interesting and cool to have my own website.

During then, there’s no canggih platform like blogger.com or wordpress thus you need to write plain html code to host your page. Also, it’s really not easy to publish a page because it involves a lot of coding unlike now got a nice editor somemore it’s available for free everywhere. After you finish editing the code, you still need to upload (FTP) it to the server. It’s really leceh and mafan! Today, all you really need to do is write and publish your post on your blog. Thanks to our advanced technology! :)

How did the name saimatkong come about? I figure, to get yourself easily recognized by people you must have a catchy name so that people would remember you better compared to those hard to remember and lengthy name. My name is “Simon Kong” and when you read repeatedly for few times it would read as “sai-mat-kong” and it’s significantly recognized in the Chinese because “sai-mat-kong” 驶么讲 in Cantonese means very proud of yourself!

Saimatkong is a platform for me to share what I know with my readers & social circles. Blogging is a great way to meet tribe who love my topic as much as I do. Blogging is not only a path of self fulfillment but also a journey of self discovery. Aside from that, I get to connect with other bloggers in the blogosphere community coz when you attend events, you started making friends. It just happened. One of the best things about blogging are the friendships that are created with bloggers alike and my readers.

In my first few blog posts, I remember writing only a few jokes and amusing anecdotes from my life. And slowly, I started writing about food reviews, IT gadgets and so much more. To me, if the stuff and content is good, then it should be shared and that’s what I’m still doing right now.

Content and quality are the things that matter in blogging. The content mustn’t be only good, but great! That’s when people come back for more.

I put efforts into creating the fascinating material others will love to read / catch attention such as :-

“How To Make Love With Step by Step Guideline”

It’s actually steps on how to make a love shape origami but that title alone attracted ten thousands of viewers!

“Cheapest and Most Original Apple Casing For iPhone!”

It’s actually sharing with my readers on how to get the almost FREE and Original Apple Case!

I don’t only collect facts or information for my readers, but are constantly making an effort to present it in a most entertaining and accessible manner. When I decide to write about a particular topic, I do so because it genuinely interests me, and I hope to spark the reader’s interest. A lot people start to blog because they think that blogging can make good money but when the mindset is wrong and they blog for few months and still don’t see any monetary income then they will just stop there, that’s why you could see there’s a blooming of so called bloggers? :p

Because of my blog, I have a space to share things that I don’t want to be forgotten. My blog is a home for my ideas and thoughts; a space to connect and share ideas with my readers alike. When I started blogging, I had no idea what I was in for. I didn’t imagine it would lead me to a date with artistes and famous bloggers out there!


Hong Kong TVB Actors like Moses Chan 陳豪 (陈豪)


Hong Kong Singer like Eason Chan (陳奕迅)!


I have to say that blogging has been a thoroughly rewarding experience. I’ve appeared on newspaper, tv and radio. I was featured on Live TV Broadcast interviewed by Astro AwaniMyFM recordings and also newspaper covering the my events. It’s a dream come true except that I never dreamt it was all possible until I starting blogging.

I was invited to be a guest for Astro Awani to speak on the topic of Cashless Society (Masyrakat Tanpa Tunai). It was my very first experience on a Live TV Show. It was a truly rewarding experience only that I was required to speak in Malay and hence, it was a bit difficult for me. But thank heavens, it went well, only got stuck now and then. Phewww!

Local artist Namewee (黃明志)

I went to Astro for My FM 骑呢份子 recording. 骑呢份子 is one of the program in the morning segment 阳光灿烂. 林德荣 Jack Lim、颜薇恩 Gan Mei Yan和Jeff陈浩然 are the morning DJs. I must say it’s a good experience for me! Always wanted to be on air and now finally I did it! =)

Many blogs provide commentary on a particular subject, some blogs function as more personal online diaries, some function more as online brand advertising of a particular individual or company. What about my blog (saimatkong) then? Mine is something simpler and it’s just anything above the sea and below the sky that I could reach literally.

I don’t specify on certain, specified topic or niche topic simply because I’m just a typical blogger who can’t keep writing on the same topic, because sometimes will not have anything to write on and would get bored easily and I think my readers would get bored too if I just talk about food or tech stuff all the way. I just don’t constraint myself to write on something but instead focus on what I feel the readers would like to read or google about.

However my blog isn’t only for me, today it’s has grown thus it’ not only for me, but it’s for you my readers who’s reading it! It’s you that give me the motivation to keep writing the best content. That’s what keep the fire burning. Just reading comments that something I wrote inspired or help you is the best compliment I could ever get!

What I really love is writing something my readers would really appreciate of and useful to them as I have gone thru the hell of experience and just simplified the process and guide them, wouldn’t that be helpful rather than just plain boring updates? :p

A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. I personally don’t like those lengthy blog post that consist of only text and text but those images and video would really add spice to the post and keep readers reading instead of just click on the cross button or skip to next blog. Besides that, the ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important contribution to the popularity of many blogs. So I always try really really hard to get my readers attentions and that’s really a difficult task!



I will just do some crazy things to post online just to grab people’s attention like doing planking in MBK Mall @ Thailand.

Maximizing my influence as a blogger, I have organized a Charity Car Wash as part of my contribution back to the society to help the needy (Individual Social Responsibility). I feel really proud as I could do something and reward back to the society by not just go to work daily, eat and sleep, but do something meaningful in our life and also help those in need.

Throughout my years as a blogger, I’ve participated in numerous events, trips, movie screenings, launches and parties organized by Nuffnang. Being invited to all these trips and events does make me feel valued as a blogger and I will come home with lots of fab stories to share with my readers. Below are some of the unforgettable awesome events that I’ve attended throughout the years.



With Kenny Sia excellent blogger and Joanne Peh 白薇秀, Singapore Actress @ Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogger Awards, Singapore 2009

Nuffnang DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge

DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge, an on ground challenge where the winners will win 4 personalized laptops, external hard drives, routers, modems, headphones, thumb drives and many more! Yes we are the 1st prize winners!


Astro B.yond – The new HD Experience
I went for a shooting @ Desa Park Cityfor Astro B.yond tvc with few other bloggers.



The Largest Blogger’s Gathering with GATSBY Deodorant Street Fair into the Malaysia Book of Records. I’m in Malaysia Book of Records too!


Driving BMW3 series and BMW5 series and enjoying the ride plus full sponsored trip.


Get to test drive in Sepang F1 circuit! Those are really once-in-a-life-time experience that I can’t get if not because of Nuffnang.


I’ve been with Nuffnang since the launching on early 2007 and it’s been a fruitful 5 years now! Really a lot of memories be it the good and the bad experiences. What I like most is to join all the events events which I able to meet bloggers and mingle around while can get some of the goodies and make some bucks out of it.

Without Nuffnang, saimatkong’s life would be different coz there won’t be free movie screening, no free food feasting, no free trips and events to attend, but of coz that’s not FREE but just that I’m fortunate to be engaged.

I am grateful to Nuffnang for what all the invaluable experiences gained. Having Nuffnang along for my blogging journey makes blogging so much more fun and I get to meet so many awesome bloggers or people out there who some become my good friends.

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