Xamble Creators App Supercharges Nuffnang Operations and Influencers

Nuffnang, with their sibling company, Xamble Creators, facilitated the creation of the Xamble Creators app to empower influencers to connect, collaborate, create and earn.


Standing out in a sea of influencers and content creators can be tough. To catch the eye of relevant brands, influencers need to put a lot of effort into creating valuable content, cultivating an engaging community, and focusing on a content niche. Now imagine if these efforts were the only way you could potentially (not even definitely!) get social media campaign jobs.

Nuffnang, Asia’s leading influencer and content marketing company, believes that influencers not being able to browse available or suitable social media campaigns readily takes power out of influencers’ hands. On top of that, brands could potentially miss out on working with key opinion consumers (KOCs) who are authentically interested in the brand’s products or services.

To remedy this, Nuffnang, with their sibling company, Xamble Creators, facilitated the creation of the Xamble Creators app. The app aims to empower influencers to:

  • Connect with brands for social media opportunities,
  • Collaborate with other influencer peers to come up with innovative and creative content,
  • Create content with the power of generative AI at their backs, and
  • Earn a sustainable living by leveraging their influence.

The Xamble Creators App has garnered over 1,100 influencers and more than RM3 million remuneration to influencers since its launch in 2023. Providing influencers and content creators with campaigns from the FMCG, fashion, and beauty industries, Xamble Creators has augmented the gig economy with a wealth of opportunities for influencers to earn a sustainable income.

Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Executive Chairman of Xamble Group Limited

Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Executive Chairman of Xamble Group Limited (parent company of both Nuffnang and Xamble Creators) shares, “Xamble Creators was truly built to put power back into our influencers’ hands, empowering them to earn sustainably in the gig economy.

With the app, creators and influencers can readily browse and take up available campaigns and curate their profiles to showcase their strengths and successes.” Ganesh goes on to emphasise Xamble Group’s vision of Assembling Communities and its commitment via Xamble Creators to bridge humans with technology and deliver value to the Group’s ecosystem of creators.

“The Xamble Creators app is more than just a regular job posting app. With influencers in mind, we created the Community feature on the app to facilitate connections and collaborations between local Malaysian influencers, further bolstering their creativity and innovation in content creation,” said Ganesh.

Kausern Hieu, Chief Executive Office of Nuffnang Malaysia and Head of Integration of Xamble Group Limited.

The creation of such an app brings impact not just to influencers, but to the teams working behind the influencer marketing scenes too.

Head of Integration at Xamble Group Limited and Chief Executive Officer at Nuffnang, Kausern Hieu enthuses about the impact of the Xamble Creators app on the Nuffnang business: “The addition of the Xamble Creators app assists with our working teams’ day-to-day tasks, leveraging the power of automation and technology to ease workflows. The app does this via the ability to publish campaigns in-app to streamline the influencer and creator recruitment process. What was once manually done is now automated, bringing a 30% increase in workflow efficiency.”

Kausern also shares, “The benefit for our teams is definitely apparent, but the actual impact on our influencers also matters. We have seen a significant improvement in our remuneration process. Influencers now have the power to track their earnings and make secure withdrawals with no hidden costs, as opposed to manually following up with payments in the past.”

Nuffnang and the Xamble Creators app has truly supercharged the influencer marketing industry. If you’re an influencer looking to boost the number of campaigns you’ve worked on, download the Xamble Creators app to find your next social media campaign! Brands, get in touch with Nuffnang at [email protected] to get your influencer marketing needs sorted.

This article was originally posted on Marketing Magazine.


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