Code of Conduct (Creators)

This Code of Conduct applies to all Talents (hereinafter referred as “You” or “Your“) throughout the Campaign Period. Failure to comply will result in the breach of the Master Service Agreement.

  1. Netccentric Group of Companies
    For purposes of this Code, except with respect to liability, “Nuffnang” shall include Netccentric Limited, their subsidiaries and successors.

  2. Compliance with the law
    1. You are prohibited from advertising substance, service, products, materials, or acting in any way that may violate applicable laws, rules, statutes, ordinances, regulations, and public morals.
    2. You are expected to be ethical and responsible whenever dealing with the Client’s products.

  3. Integrity
    1. You may not contractually bind Nuffnang or make any representations on behalf of Nuffnang. You must not engage in any unconscionable, false, deceptive, misleading, or fraudulent conduct.
    2. You must not boost user engagement through fraudulent means in relation to your social media channels (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, or blog), including for the avoidance of doubt, buy bulk ‘likes’ and comments, story views or mass number of fake account followers to increase your follower count.
    3. Your statements, postings, and feedback must be true and accurately reflect your honest opinion and experience with Nuffnang and the Client’s products to the extent applicable.
    4. You are prohibited from deceiving and fraudulently pretending to suffer from chronic illnesses, sickness, or disabilities for the intention to gain fame, attention, and sympathy from your followers or to maximise engagement for the purpose of promoting the Client’s products.
    5. You may not make any claims on scientific research and test results regarding the Client’s products which are not based on objective, calculable, statistical, and provable evidence.

  4. Reputation
    1. You must acknowledge that the reputation of Nuffnang, the Client and their products is of the highest order. Throughout the Campaign Period, you shall not take any action that adversely affects Nuffnang and the Client’s respective image, brand, reputation, and products, or that casts any of the foregoing in a disparaging light.
    2. You must not commit any act which brings Nuffnang and/or the Client into:-
      1. public disrepute;
      2. contempt;
      3. scandal; or
      4. ridicule.
    3. You must not insult or offend the general community to which the Client’s advertising materials are directed, or which might tend to harm Nuffnang and/or the Client’s products, including, without limitation, disparaging Nuffnang and/or the Client.
    4. You must not do anything which would defame, tend to defame, or could be construed as being defamatory or derogatory of Nuffnang and/or the Client.
    5. You must not commit any act or communicate to anyone, in writing or orally anything critical of Nuffnang and/or the Client.

  5. Morality Restrictions
    1. You must not act in any way that causes you to undergo material adverse publicity or scandal, or fall into disrepute, including, without limitation, if you personally commit any act that result in a conviction or investigation of a serious crime, or any misdemeanour of moral turpitude (by way of example only, a misdemeanour involving a controlled substance, fraud, embezzlement, assault, and battery), or the neglect of other, or self-harm.
    2. You must not be under the influence of drugs or substance (apart from anything prescribed by a medical practitioner) throughout the Campaign Period.

  6. Professionalism
    1. You are required to ensure that, at all times during the Campaign Period, your conduct reflects adherence to the highest professional, moral, and ethical standard.
    2. You must adhere to the highest level of care, skill, and diligence in accordance with best practice in the marketing sector in general.
    3. You agree that, if you participate in the Campaign, you will not:-
      1. parody, disparage, make any adverse comment on, or make fun of the Campaign, and Client’s products in any way; or
      2. create any other material that undermines the Campaign or/and the products.

  7. Political Involvement

    You must not make reference of your relationship with Nuffnang and/or the Client, in connection with any political activities, social causes, or commercial activities which have not been pre-approved by Nuffnang and the Client, in writing.

  8. Content
    1. You must not be involved in any discriminatory or indecent activities or post on your social media, any content that is:-
      1. lewd;
      2. obscene; or
      3. otherwise contains inappropriate language, content or objectionable material.
    2. You must not, in writing, or post on your social media channels any content that promotes violence, bigotry, racism or discrimination against an individual based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.
    3. You are required to ensure that the contents disseminated on your social media channels do not include anything which:-
      1. offends good taste or decency;
      2. is offensive to public feeling;
      3. is likely to encourage crime or lead to disorder;
      4. is abusive or threatening in nature; or
      5. may be a threat to the public’s health and safety.
    4. You are prohibited from falsifying information and required to take reasonable measures to verify the authenticity of the contents you post, circulate, or make publicly available, as to avoid and limit the spread of false or fake news and information.
    5. You are prohibited from utilising misleading tricks, including but not limited to, photoshopping fake vacation photos or geotagging a false location to a photo taken elsewhere, to create follow-worthy social content as to deceive your followers and the public about having a luxurious lifestyle.
    6. Your content or postings must be original and not copied in whole or in part from any other work except materials supplied to you by the Client.

  9. Respect Intellectual Property Rights
    1. You are required to ensure that your postings and contents do not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party. Intellectual property rights typically include copyright, trademark, and trade secret rights, as well as the right to use someone’s name, image, or voice, including, but not limited to, photographs, videos, music (including song lyrics), trademarks/logos, brand names or brand packaging, quotes, and writings. You are prohibited from posting any content that includes these elements without obtaining written permission to do so from the third party who owns the rights.
    2. You should not post or share any works that you do not own or have a proper licence to use or have not been authorised by Nuffnang and/or the Client for usage.
    3. If you are unsure about a work, particularly in instances where a work includes a third-party’s trademark/logo, or music, film or television clips, or a photo or image, you are required to check with the Client and/or Nuffnang before using the work.


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