Looking for a reliable job partner in the influencer industry?
Nuffnang has the vision of being a major player in the gig economy, starting first with the social media industry.

Besides social media campaign opportunities, anyone with or without a social media following can also explore generating a new source of income with us by starting an online fan-merch business, becoming a freelance photographer, copywriter, make up artist and more, or getting onboard with affiliate marketing campaigns.

Branded Campaigns
The Merchist by Nuffnang
TikTok Shop Collaborations
Freelancer Opportunities
Influencer Definitions
In Nuffnang, influencers are defined as anyone who has a minimum social media following of 1,000 on any of their social media platforms.

Anyone who meets this requirement has an opportunity to work with the wide variety of multinational brands we partner closely with!
Nano Influencers
Nano influencers are those with a social media following of 1,000 to 9,999 on any social media platform.

These influencers are best activated for awareness and product review campaigns.
Micro Influencers
Micro influencers are those with 10,000 to 49,999 followers on any social media platform.

These influencers are especially favourable among brands that are looking to run educational marketing campaigns.

Through micro influencers, we can encourage further "word of mouth" marketing and "peer-to-peer" sharing.
Macro Influencers
Macro influencers are influencers with a social media following between 50,000 to 999,999 on any social media platform.

These influencers are often engaged by brands to create a hype or trend around something, i.e. a product the brand has just launched.

Most of the trends we usually see (like a TikTok dance move!) is led by a group of macro influencers first before it becomes popular to the mass public.
Celebrity Influencers
In Nuffnang, we also work closely with Celebrity influencers.

These influencers usually have at least 1 million followers on any social media platform; and as the name suggests, most of these influencers are celebrities as well!

These two groups of influencers are best engaged as ambassadors for brands as the public can easily recognise them; immediately putting a face that they can relate with to a brand.

Influencer Ecosystem
Do you want to know how we work?
We don't just give jobs to influencers.

We also strive to empower them with tools and skills that can help them be better at their craft and to use their influence to make a positive impact on society.

Within the Nuffnang Influencer Ecosystem, there are 4 main pillars.

Branded Campaigns
Get connected to brands for paid collaborations as an influencer.
Live Commerce
A platform and software developed by Nuffnang to enable e-commerce businesses and individuals i.e. influencers like you, to run live social selling activities.
Widen your network and get more eyeballs on your work to build up your reputation as a social media influencer.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Let us know the causes that you support and we will do our best to make an impact on society together with you.
Create more streams of income
as an influencer.
Explore these new ways to monetise your skills and online presence with Nuffnang.
Make the most of your social media platforms to collaborate with brands for paid campaigns.

Talent Squad
Nuffnang Talent Squad offers you with a peace of mind by providing end to end social media campaign management; from communicating with clients, agencies, and vendors to executing campaigns flawlessly.
TikTok Shop Collaborations
Join in on our collaboration with TikTok Shop for some live selling opportunities!

Join the team behind-the-scenes and become a freelancer (photographer, make up artist, and more) for our social media campaigns.
Nuffnang lives by the vision of,
"Build Better People".
No matter if you're a social media influencer, celebrity, thought leader, marketer or brand, we want to build better people with YOU. We believe we can create a better future and that impact begins with you.

Let's take that journey together one step at a time and make positively impactful campaigns together.

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