How To Personal-ly Care For Your Campaigns!

What is the first thing you do after waking up in the morning? (or noon, we don’t judge!). For most of us, I’m sure it is to grab our smartphones! And what do you find yourself doing while lying down on your bed on a Saturday morning? If you find yourself scrolling through your social […]


What is the first thing you do after waking up in the morning? (or noon, we don’t judge!). For most of us, I’m sure it is to grab our smartphones!

And what do you find yourself doing while lying down on your bed on a Saturday morning? If you find yourself scrolling through your social media platforms, welcome to the current era where everything is moving towards digital.

We see plenty of brands moving into social media platforms such as Instagram/YouTube/Facebook because that’s where the majority of their audiences are at; scrolling through their digital devices on a daily basis. Truth be told, the pandemic has quite obviously changed the world as we know it. People are adjusting their lifestyle to living with an ongoing pandemic and that includes their purchasing habits. Cue in some of our favourite Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands who are also supplying this new surge in demands for personal care products. I bet at least one of you reading this has at least purchased one shampoo, conditioner, or cosmetic product online in the past year.

So I’m now directing this conversation to our marketers out there. When it comes to personal care campaigns, how do you know if your social media influencer marketing campaign has managed to reach out to your target audience? Here are some tips on how you can measure this solely by using social media insights.

You will first need to pay attention to the total engagements collected from the campaign. Then, base that number on the total number of followers you get from engaging with your various social media influencers and get a percentage. Below, we have provided two separate benchmarks to determine the success rate of a campaign.






VIDEO CAMPAIGN: 2.4% – 11%

There are times when personal care campaigns tend to result in campaign performance slightly below the average industry benchmark when it comes to Photo Posting Campaigns whereby for Video Posting Campaigns, there is a slight increase of engagement rate in comparison with the industry’s standard benchmark – upon reviewing Nuffnang’s activation within the sector for the Year 2020. Basically, video content performs better on social media for personal care products.

For most personal care campaigns, a lot of times the audience scroll through their phones to search for reviews online. Whether it is a newly launched or an existing product, it is good to have the KOLs reviewing the product and this is best done through a video posting, which explains why the engagement for a video posting is much higher compared to a photo.

When we look at the benchmark for True Reach (the number of persons who saw the posting), most of the campaigns that were conducted in 2020 have managed to reach out more than 10% of the total potential reach in the campaign for personal care brands. Consumers who follow the KOLs’ page on social media could’ve seen the content which brings awareness towards the product that contributes to the total true reach. Realistically, consumers will usually share their feedback towards the product after consuming it (be it a good, neutral or negative review).

Below are screenshots of comments from a campaign we had with Vaseline where the audiences shared their positive sentiments towards the product that was promoted by a KOL.

As personal care brands are essential needs (and constantly on the move with new products launched by brands), it does take time for the audience to be aware of the product existing in the market. Through social media marketing, the audience can quickly disseminate news of the newly launched product to their friends/family through the shares and saves function social media. Now, I bet you’re wondering, how do we generate good results in terms of engagement for some personal care campaigns?


When it comes to personal care campaigns, allowing the KOL to tell a story through their content may help to boost the awareness and engagement rate too. Hence, it is important to keep the content interesting and relatable to the KOLs’ lifestyle as it is much more authentic. Consumers trust influencers who serve as positive, relatable resources and help to inform their buying decisions.

We refer to a sample with content by Madeleine Ang for Dove Malaysia. The content consists of her storytelling about her daily struggles while narrating the product usage which relates to her lifestyle. Her video garnered a true reach rate of 76% on Instagram. Notice how the product doesn’t show up first? A common mistake by brands who try to market on social media is that they insist on showcasing the brand/product within the first 10 seconds of a video. It does not work with social media audiences because to them, it is just another advertisement. But if you include a story leading up to the brand reveal, that is how you grab the attention of your audiences!

Madeleine Ang x Dove Malaysia:

Sharing another sample with a content lead by Jestinna Kuan for BedHead Malaysia. As she understands her audience better, she created a video based on current trends online, TikTok Video Style while sharing her everyday hairstyle with BedHead.

Jestinna Kuan x BedHead Malaysia:

Despite being an ad, the KOLs’ content was clear – to inform the audience of the campaign’s messaging and drive the audience to engage with the content. These brands insisted on the content to be interesting rather than just purely promoting the product itself and hand-feeding the KOLs with the product’s USPs. The KOLs that were engaged have managed to cater their content for their target audience while being able to engage with a thoughtful, nuanced approach. This, paired with the open-mindedness of the client is what brought success to the campaign and value to the brand.


Considering the fact that social media keeps revolving especially when it comes to driving brand awareness to the audience, content such as educating the public on the product usage (personal review from the KOLs while using the product) matters. To make it more interesting, KOLs challenging their friend to try a new product is a unique approach as it is no longer the KOL that is trying but inviting their friends/family to try. To hear reviews from a third party’s point of view proves to be a good approach.


From the sample shown above which is a content lead by Anna Khayalan for Sunsilk Hijab, it also helped that the content included an engagement feature with the audience (the comment section). They conducted a giveaway where 10 lucky followers get to win a Sunsilk Hijab Kit. This idea brought more awareness towards the campaign while being able to identify those who are interested in the ongoing campaign and took initiative to participate in the giveaway.

There is no denying that influencer marketing for personal care brands proved itself as one of the most efficient marketing tools in today’s digital landscape. To conclude, partnering with the right content creator and having a clear vision of what your brand stands for, gives the advantage of being able to deliver fun, compelling and memorable content for your brand. It’s never wrong to experiment on the types of content that would work for your social media strategy. When it doesn’t work, move on and keep trying until you find an idea that fits.

Feel free to consult with us at Nuffnang for a campaign strategy that works best for your brand!


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