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Our solutions that complement Influencer Marketing
Running an Impactful Influencer Marketing Campaign
Not only does Nuffnang's influencer marketing solutions connect brands with the right influencers to run an influencer campaign, but our expertise also allows us to consult brands on integrating influencers beyond social media and on to other mediums, such as digital and offline for a more holistic approach.
Unlock Influencers
from Various Tiers
Partner with influencers from different tiers from nano, micro, macro and celebrity influencers recommended to you from our carefully curated database.
Benchmark Campaign
Leverage on Nuffnang's established experience in the industry and benchmark your influencer marketing performance with our historical data.
Efficient Campaign
Manage your influencer marketing campaign with Nuffnang's proprietary Campaign Management Dashboard.
Analyse and Learn
Conclude your influencer marketing campaigns with well-thought out analysis and apply the learnings to the next set.
P&G Pantene Miracles
A fully integrated social plan centred around influencers to showcase how everyday, busy working women can achieve cashmere, smooth hair from the comfort of their home with Pantene Miracles' complete haircare set, without burning a hole in their wallet. All of the solutions involved could only be done digitally, due to the nationwide Movement Control Order.
1.5 mil
views on branded video
better performing engagement rate
4 mil
audience reached
audience reaction to content released
Running an Effective PR Activation
Nuffnang Activation works to build positive affinity between brands and their audiences through various effective touchpoints.
PR Kit Curation & Seeding

Create memorable and experiential PR kits to represent your brand's products or solutions. Then, we'll seed the PR Kits to the right audience to generate hype and awareness.

Community Activation

We plan, style and manage experiential and educational events. By leveraging on our network of influencers and partners, we will bring the right audience to your events to create digital presence on social media as well as foster a conducive environment to build a community of loyal fans.

Brand Partnerships

Collaborate with the right partner to tap into new audiences. The right brand partnership will generate excitement and buzz-worthy news.

PR Activation Portfolio
My Little Pony: A New Generation PR Kit [Curated Card Game]
Guardian Kusabana Launch Event
Dutch Lady Juicy Milk Lychee PR Kit
Guardian Community Ambassadors Outreach
Guardian Gaya Squad
Pantene x Wunderbath Collab
Nuffnang Studio's Design Capabilities
With our expertise in both print and digital based design, we strive to leave our footprint in any place millimeters and pixels can bring your brand!
Social Posting Creatives

Vamp up your social media profiles with visuals that match your content! Whether you have an announcement to make, or you want to put out informational content, we can craft it for you!

Masthead Design

Create a visual or mascot that acts as a ‘logo’ for your brand’s specific campaign, in-line with your brand’s visual identity with a hint of its own personality.

Social Media Branded Stickers

Catch more attention on IG Stories with Instagram story stickers! Currently trending in the social media scene, it’s a timeless marketing asset for your brand with minimal cost and effort.

Social Media Branded Filters

Create more interaction-focused contents for your consumers with AR Filters on IG and FB! Mitigate errors on your brand’s key communication and engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

Digital Marketing Creatives

Create visuals for your digital marketing needs! Anything can be visually translated on a web real estate.

Print Designs & Creatives

Design visuals that represents your brand’s personality! Anything from corporate identity related like namecards, letterheads and lanyards, to general items like invites, booklets and stickers.

Specialising in a Variety of Video Formats
Our team is not only interested in giving you the best quality of work (that’s a given, nowadays), but also in how video efforts pay off on a business level. We want our clients to be successful so that we can be successful too.
We are good at simplifying complicated concepts into fun and digestible animated videos. If you want to introduce new technologies, processes, models, or complex science, we will make sure your audience gets it.
Advertising Video
We help brands to produce promotional videos that captivate audiences, inspire action, and drive results. We are passionate about bringing your new products, events, and solutions to your audience in the most engaging and effective way possible.
Live Production
We provide a range of live streaming solutions such as social media streaming, 360 streaming, corporate webcasting, AR, and much more. We believe live streams should be creative, results-driven, and customised to specific campaign needs to have a lasting impact. Quality is key, i.e. we don’t just whip out our phones and tap the ‘Go Live’ button.
Corporate Video
We are the experts in producing impactful visual stories that speak of the heart of the company. We help brands to present their vision and mission and connect with their audiences.
Recent Works
Eukanuba Brand Film
Pantene No Rinse Conditioner
St. Ives - Double Your GLOW 1
St. Ives - Double Your GLOW 2
Kodak Lens with Elizabeth Tan
Masak-masak bersama Azie Kitchen & Maria Tunku Sabri
Dulcolax - The One About Dependency
Evolution Wellness - Gym Safety Tips
Surbex Zinc 1
NIVEA Luminous630 with Rosina Lam Live Steam Highlights
NIVEA Luminous630 with Uyaina Arshad & Cik Manggis Live Stream Highlights
Pantene Miracles x Guardian Live Stream Highlights
Malaysia Takaful Association Corporate Video
Mah Sing 25th Anniversary Video
Happy Deepavali from Mah Sing
Our Communication Strategy Research Work
We execute industry-wide studies to understand human behaviour and market trends. These reports allows us and our brands to tailor better communications and keep brands updated with the best practice.
Brand Research
Brand-specific research on understanding a brand's market proposition and unique consumer journey. This will better help brands to strategize their branding and marketing efforts.
Communication Strategy Research
Lab initiated industry-wide studies to understand human behavior and market trends. This will help Nuffnang to tailor better communications for brands and keep brands updated with best practices.

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