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The Truth Behind Being A Social Media Influencer and Its Effect on Mental Health.

While the role of a social media influencer may seem glamorous and financially rewarding, it also presents considerable challenges related to mental health. Read more to gain deeper insights into the experiences of full-time social media influencers as we offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their world.

21 May, 2024
Xamble Creators App Supercharges Nuffnang Operations and Influencers

Nuffnang, with their sibling company, Xamble Creators, facilitated the creation of the Xamble Creators app to empower influencers to connect, collaborate, create and earn.

27 Mar, 2024
Influencers! Get Ready to Be Supercharged with Nuffnang’s Talent Squad

Being an influencer is not all rainbows and sunshine. It takes a lot of effort, time and dedication to even begin to succeed. Even more so when being an influencer or content creator is not your main bread and butter!

29 Feb, 2024
What We’ve Learned About Xiao Hong Shu Campaigns So Far

Xiao Hong Shu’s strict focus on authentic, non-hardsell content can prove to be challenging for players in the influencer marketing industry specifically. As a key marketing and industry enabler, Nuffnang recognised a need for clear and concise information directly from the source that can help brands better understand how XHS works.

31 Jan, 2024
Nuffnang Drives Impact Through CSR Partnerships with APE Malaysia and UPLIFT

Nuffnang just announced a new partnership with UPLIFT and a renewed partnership with APE Malaysia, providing their stakeholders with an additional avenue to make a positive impact.

8 Dec, 2023

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