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Nuffnang was launched on 27th February 2007 and steadily grew its influence to several countries to become the world’s leading blog advertising community.

Nuffnang was launched on 27th Feb 2007. Within the first 3 days, 300 bloggers signed up to join the community. Shortly after, Nuffnang grew its influence to several countries and became the world’s leading blog advertising community. Thousands of bloggers have served ads from various brands through their partnership with Nuffnang.

As the social media landscape evolved, bloggers evolved too by extending their presence into other social media platforms. Thus, Nuffnang's specialization has expanded to cover influencer and content marketing for advertisers as well.

Today, after more than a decade in the business, Nuffnang fortifies its leading position in the social media business through offering turnkey solutions revolving around influencer-led offerings.

Ever wondered what “Nuffnang” means? It means “Real good or real cool” - a slang used in conversations by hip foreigners on the streets of London.
Build Better People
We strive to Build Better People with the many stakeholders and partners working with us.
Kausern Hieu
Country Manager

I enjoy equipping young people with purpose and goal-oriented skills so that they can perform at their best. And when they perform, the business and organization they are in - transforms.
Vivien Chew
Head of Client Relationships & Operations

Gravitates towards wild ideas and over-enthusiasm. Big ball of energy that people around me sometimes do not know what to do with. A firm believer in individualism and uniqueness, so I'll be different and colour outside the box!
Jo-Yee Lee
Head of Revenue & New Business

I am overly curious, obssessed with efficiency, and always hungry for food new experience. I also kind of like people... and cats.
Isaiah Saw
Head of Creative Experience

Weekdays, ideas I peddle. Weekends, a dragon boat I paddle. Sometimes, you find me on a bicycle saddle. Throw me your brief, I'll handle.

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