The Importance of Integrated Campaigns To Brand

Ever wondered why a four course meal, consisting of hors-d’ouvers, appetizer, main dish and dessert, is considered an elevated dining experience compared to a single-course meal? That’s because in a four course meal, each dish has been carefully curated to complement each other, leading to the diner being able to experience a wow-inducing foodie affair, […]


Ever wondered why a four course meal, consisting of hors-d’ouvers, appetizer, main dish and dessert, is considered an elevated dining experience compared to a single-course meal? That’s because in a four course meal, each dish has been carefully curated to complement each other, leading to the diner being able to experience a wow-inducing foodie affair, allowing the diner to experience a sense of wholesomeness during four-course dinner.

Similar with branded campaigns, an impactful integrated campaign is just like a well thought out four-course meal. Leveraging on the creation of a unified marketing strategy can help the brand to deliver a smooth, consumer-focused experience. So what does it look like to have an influencer-led integrated campaign?

Before we get into that, it is worth noting that influencer-led integrated campaigns are beneficial to two parties – the brand and the consumer. Both of whom can benefit from the outcome of such campaigns. 


An influencer-led integrated campaign can benefit the brand by:

  • Reaching Larger Audiences
  • Builds Brand Recognition and Trust
  • Yields Higher Revenue


Influencer-led integrated campaigns utilises more channels of communication, from online to offline, allowing for a larger spread of awareness towards the campaign held, wherein the brand could kick start the campaign promotion with an online activation, enticing the audiences with a teaser of what’s to come through social media postings. 

After which, the audiences could then be exposed to offline activation of the campaign, such as in malls or event spaces, were they could physically experience the product while also meet with their favourite Influencers who were part of the online activation of the campaign. 


Through offline activation, and by allowing the consumers to utilise their five senses such as in a four-course dining experience; consumers are able to try out the products first hand, and listen to advice from brand ambassadors or consultants on the benefits of the product. This allows the brand to provide the consumers with informative details that they are able to slowly build trust towards the brand, through this experiential journey. 


Through these online to offline activation of the campaign it allows the brands to position themselves higher, above their competitors, by using a combination of various effort to reel in revenue. 

Furthermore, by integrating a campaign, it allows the brand to deliver a clear message through various channels to a wider targeted consumer, be it online or offline, through foot traffic. Thus, it no longer make sense to focus on one marketing element independently. 


Key touchpoints that benefits consumers with Influencer-led integrated campaigns:

  • Video Production
  • On-Ground Activation
  • Influencer & PR Kits
  • Seeders/User Generated Content

In a world filled with ads and pushy marketing gimmicks, consumers tend to lack trust in brands without carrying out their own research on the product itself. Brands also tend to compete to stand out to create value with their consumers, while encouraging deeper connection with their consumers in various ways, and what better way to do so but through experience. 

As consumers, we all want to feel like we are being heard and understood when it comes to our experience in a product, as we all want a solution to our problems. Upon seeing content from brands that could provide solution to our specific issues, and how they are aware and understand the struggles that we, as consumer go through, helps us to bring a sense of trust towards that brand. However, when the brand cascades these messages through a singular channel, it becomes ineffective for the brand to deliver the message to their intended audiences.

By cascading this information through multiple channels, it not only allows the message for the brand to be delivered to a wider audience group,  but it also encourages the delivery of the message to the intended target audience. When consumers see these remedies consistently across multiple channels, it creates a sense of community that is prevalent during the consumer’s purchasing journey as it allows a group of like-minded consumers to connect and develop an emotional investment with a shared goal, such as between Influencers and consumers. 


Relating back to the fine-dining analogy at the start of this article, we can view Video Production as a hors-d’ouvers. By tapping into the human senses of vision and hearing, with a sprinkle of emotion through the creation of impactful video, brands are then able to speak to their audiences and capture their attention effectively, while creating the most memorable experience for consumers during the awareness stage. This is important to encourage brand recall among consumers, because when you get the amazing first taste of something, it will leave you yearning for more. 


An on-ground activation is similar to a refreshing appetizer. By having on-ground activation, for instance in a mall, it can create great awareness and consideration among consumers who frequent the mall, as passerbys would be enticed to check out and participate in the activities during the activation. This is a great strategy for the brands to take their consumers through a experential journey with their products, and taking consumers a one step closer to making their purchase. 

That said, a well curated on-ground activation should include:

  • A wow-factor or statement piece that is visually appealing, and can pull in a crowd
  • Booths or activities where attendees can easily associate with the brand and product
  • A trial or tester booth for consumers to experience the product for themselves
  • BONUS: Promotions and freebies are also a great way to entice a Malaysian crowd!


The main course is always a highlight of the overall dining experience. Similar to Influencer engagement, which is important and takes up the largest portion of the integrated campaign. A brand can integrate influencers into different mediums, from branded video, PR Kit seeding, event appearance and content creation; this strategy allows the brand to expand their reach and positioning in the market, by leveraging the influence these Influencers have on their audiences. In return, these audiences would view the influencers engaged as ambassadors of the brand, relying on the influencers to learn more about the brand’s story, products or even services offered. The contribution influencers make in growing the awareness of a brand can be seen as one of the most prominent benefits of social media marketing. 

In addition to leveraging on Influencers, by gifting PR Kits to Influencers can also help to support and accentuate the brand’s products, through the creation of unforgettable moments for the influencers and consumers to experience. 


At the end of the four-course dining experience, is always a good dessert that will keep a diner thinking about the scrumptious meal that they’ve just devoured. A great way to wrap up an integrated campaign, to sustain the excitement would be to engage with Seeders on social media. Although Seeders tend to have smaller followings, nonetheless they are deemed more trustworthy among their audiences as they are able to maintain a closer connection with their audiences who mainly consists of their peers. Content created by Seeders could help viewers to have better recall of the brand, while also to obtain information from Seeders with regards to the brand. They could also be the final tipping point for consumers to make the purchase, due to the trust that was built between the Seeder and their audiences. 

At the end of the day, much like a great four-course dining experience, which is highly reliant on the chef, it is important to understand that integrated marketing campaign differs from brand to brand, and that there is no ‘right’ formula to creating an effective integrated campaign. It is important to keep an open mind and be flexible during the planning stage, to create an integrated campaign that suits your brand the best, and be prepared for any possible obstacles. 

If you’re not sure where to start your influencer-led integrated campaign, hit us up, and we will help to plan a truly sensational “fine-dining” integrated marketing experience with you!


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