Nuffnang’s data-driven approach continues to revolutionise influencer marketing

If data be the Lego blocks of influencer marketing, then Nuffnang is the expert Lego builder.


In the realm of influencer marketing, data is often hailed as the secret sauce that leads to triumphant campaigns. Yet for the everyday individual, grappling with numbers and analytics can prove to be a formidable challenge.

If data be the Lego blocks of influencer marketing (as coined by Mónica Rosales Ascencio on LinkedIn), then Nuffnang is the expert Lego builder – using data to craft stories to help brands better understand their post-campaign performance.

When it comes to understanding data in influencer marketing, it’s more than just creating attractive presentation slides with impressive numbers that do not really amount to much. What truly matters to brands (and the brand managers overseeing them) is the story behind the numbers that show just how well influencer marketing campaigns can impact brands when it comes to building their brand awareness and affinity amongst their target audiences.

For an expert Lego builder, it just makes sense to take that step further and make the data story actionable, by providing data-informed recommendations that aim to further optimise and improve future influencer marketing campaigns.

Nuffnang is always dedicated to adding value to the brands they work with. This is apparent in their data-driven and data-informed approach that sparked the creation of practical business products and the improvement of existing processes to better serve their clients.

Having created Nuffnang Lab for brand and strategy research and the recently-launched Nuffnang Influencer Selection Scorecard to help brands find their best fit in influencers, Nuffnang now also provides an extensive and informative refreshed Post-Campaign Report (PCR) that builds exactly the Lego-based story their clients need.

Lavend Ng, Head of Digital and Media at Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad shared: “Nuffnang’s team provides comprehensive and informative post-campaign reports within the influencer marketing industry. With the data collected, the team puts together good analysis and draws meaningful insights and conclusive learnings for us.

Coupled with their expert suggestions and recommendations, we are able to continuously optimise our influencer marketing strategy and budget. When it comes to influencer marketing campaigns, we trust that we are in good hands with Nuffnang.”

Koh Huiying, Nuffnang’s Head of Operations & Analytics

Meanwhile, Koh Huiying, Head of Operations & Analytics at Nuffnang Malaysia (pic), expressed the team’s unwavering commitment to enhancing influencer marketing processes and adapting their Post-Campaign Reports (PCRs) accordingly.

“By actively listening to clients’ requirements, Nuffnang ensures accurate and effective reporting that aligns with their business objectives. Recognising the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the influencer marketing landscape, Nuffnang embraces the need for continuous improvement and adaptation in reports,” she said.

Here are a few ways Nuffnang’s PCRs bring more value to the influencer industry:

  • Simplicity: While the previous PCR format presented information in a complex and lengthy way, Nuffnang’s new PCR is designed with their readers in mind. It’s simple yet insightful with more data visualisation to help clients easily understand their campaign performance and impact.
  • Actionability: Nuffnang’s PCR has always been providing learnings and recommendations for their client’s campaigns. With their refreshed PCR, these learnings and recommendations are categorised with more clarity so that actionable plans are more attainable and easier to read and act upon.
  • Comprehensiveness: There was an emphasis on quantitative metrics (numbers, numbers, numbers!) in the old PCR, but Nuffnang’s refreshed PCR now incorporates qualitative metrics to better understand audience sentiments and to see the campaign’s true effect on the target market.

“I think Nuffnang’s sincere dedication to our clients is clearly seen in our PCR refresh. We’re all about building better people here, and our clients are among those we diligently serve with that vision,” Huiying asserted.

Want to make the most of your data, but not sure how? Work with expert Lego-builder, Nuffnang, to get tailored campaign ideas, strategies and executions that aim to truly serve you and your brand. Get in touch with Nuffnang at [email protected] or reach out to your Nuffnang servicing executive for more information.

This article was originally posted on Marketing Magazine.


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