The Merchist by Nuffnang launches official Polis Evo 3 merchandise with Astro Shaw

The Merchist by Nuffnang expanded its collections in collaboration with Astro Shaw to house the official merchandise for Polis Evo 3.


The merchandising marketplace, The Merchist by Nuffnang, recently expanded its collections in collaboration with Astro Shaw to house the official merchandise for famous local movie, Polis Evo 3. The exclusive merchandise line, along with the gigantic mural on Jalan Kamunting, Dang Wangi in Kuala Lumpur launched and immortalised Polis Evo 3 as one of the few local films to receive high praise and support from fans.

The cast and crew of Polis Evo 3 posing in front of the mural immortalising the film.

The official launch held at Jalan Kamunting was attended by the film’s star duo, Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak, along with Polis Evo 3’s Executive Producer and Vice President, Malay Nusantara Business and Head of Astro Shaw, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad; Director of Skop Productions, Datuk Yusof Haslam; Chief Executive Officer of TGV Pictures & TGV Cinemas, Mr Tan Lay Han; Producer and representative for BlackFlag Production, Joel Soh; and director Syafiq Yusof.

Group Chief Executive Officer of Astro, Euan Daryl Smith and the DBKL Executive Director of Planning, YBHG. Datuk TPr Sulaiman Bin Mohamed, also attended the event. In conjunction with the weekly KL Car-Free Morning organised by DBKL and OCBC, the general public was also able to witness the event launch, admire the mural and purchase official Polis Evo 3 merchandise.

The Merchist crew, Ian Tham (Operations Executive, The Merchist) and Lee Jo-yee (General Manager, Nuffnang) look on as a member of the public views their merchandise

While the team immortalised the film via the gigantic mural, Polis Evo 3 was further brought to life and commemorated with 5 merchandise items and designs: 3 t-shirt designs based on the movie’s famous line, “Kita Lagi Kuat Boh” and mural, 1 sweatshirt design, and 1 tote bag design. These items are available for purchase from RM59 onwards exclusively on The Merchist’s website; the Polis Evo 3 collection by Astro Shaw is a first-of-its-kind amongst other The Merchist collections on the platform.

The term ‘Merchist’ is a portmanteau of the words ‘merch’ (short for merchandise) and ‘specialist’. The Merchist serves as Nuffnang’s full end-to-end influencer merchandising solution that provides its community of creators a platform to tangibilise their influence through merchandising.

While known as a one-stop shop for influencer merchandise, The Merchist by Nuffnang is now setting out to redefine the term “influencer” to include creators and organisations who own or have created unique creative works for a captive and engaged audience. This is a big step forward for The Merchist in an effort to diversify their offerings and provide a distinct yet curated variety of merchandise collections for their users.

Ian Tham, Operations Executive of The Merchist by Nuffnang

Ian Tham, the Operations Executive of The Merchist by Nuffnang enthuses, “Having the honour to work with Astro Shaw for their official Polis Evo 3 merchandise has been immense for The Merchist. We can’t wait to see more success and support for the movie franchise, mural and merchandise among more fans.”

When asked about their future plans for The Merchist, Ian shares, “We look forward to further fine-tuning The Merchist’s brand personality and values to build a more unified and cohesive brand for our customers. We are always striving to stand out and break the mould to explore more beyond just being a one-stop-shop for all things influencer merchandise – we know we can bring more to the table than that.”

“And as we’ve always done, we will keep working with all kinds of influencers, creatives and organisations to bring their ideas, personas, and brands to life. Beyond just the income diversification options we provide for influencers, we want to keep providing the best end-to-end merchandise managed service for all creators. We’ll take care of everything for our creators from the start with branding ideation & strategy, to the end with product fulfilment and customer service. All you have to do is live your brand.”

While it’s still important to have the right environment and circumstances for merchandise collections to succeed, any creator or organisation who wants to tangibilise their influence or creative works through exclusive and fully-managed merchandise can work with The Merchist to bring their vision to life. For all things merchandise, The Merchist has got you covered.

Want to bring your brand to life? Get in touch with The Merchist at [email protected] and stay up to date with their latest collections on their website or Instagram.

This article was originally posted on Marketing Magazine.


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