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Social Metrics VS Campaign Objectives

What kind of social media metrics do you need to prioritize for your influencer campaign? The best thing about digital campaigns is that your results are quantifiable and numbers don’t lie! But, it is also very important to understand what those numbers mean and how you can use that data for future campaigns.  Impressions are […]

7 Oct, 2022
Get Hauntogether with Nuffnang

Organizing events has always ran in our Nuffnang blood. Not being able to organize any on-ground events during the pandemic was a torturous experience for our team who thrives to create experiences like no other. When the ban for on-ground events was lifted, we celebrated by putting together a uniquely haunting and memorable experience for […]

8 Sep, 2022
Are TikTok Trends Still Valid?

TikTok is no doubt the fastest-growing social media, leaving so much creative room for creators and commercial opportunities for brands. Everyone on TikTok could become the next influencer or creator, or even a trendsetter. This short-form video app skyrocketed in such a short period, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Digital Marketing Institute quote, “Putting […]

8 Sep, 2022
How To Slam Dunk Our Long-Term Goals: What Adam Sandler’s New Sports Movie ‘Hustle’ Can Teach Us

Netflix’s HUSTLE (2022) is the story of Stanley Sugarman, a veteran professional basketball scout for the Philadelphia 76ers. He lives from hotel to hotel around the world in search of the next big star. However, what Sugarman truly yearns for is to be promoted to the position of an assistant coach to have a more […]

12 Aug, 2022
The Role of Creatives Within Influencer-Driven Campaigns

Influencer marketing has been the topic of discussion in the media and advertising industry as of late. It’s not a new term or experience that people have to learn from scratch; it has become something that is normal, often time being a part of a big marketing campaign. A lot of brands have included influencer […]

12 Aug, 2022

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