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The State of Influencer Marketing in Times of Crisis

In light of the recent social media backlash and controversial discussions arising from the Israel-Palestine conflict, we would like to release a statement to address the state of influencer marketing that is currently affecting not only our clients but our influencers and local communities too.

10 Nov, 2023
Our Intern’s Deep Dive Into The World Of Digital Marketing And Content Creation

This article is a glimpse into Dini’s journey as an intern during Nuffnang’s TMRW/TDY event. Read on to discover her insights!

31 Oct, 2023
Navigating Towards a More Inclusive Influencer Marketing Landscape

Recognising the beauty and fashion industry’s role in promoting inclusive marketing, Nuffnang spoke to 3 brands and their representatives to gather their insights and learnings. Read on to learn more.

30 Sep, 2023
Breaking the Mould and Fostering Inclusivity in Influencer Campaigns

Nuffnang observes that Indian influencers are sometimes overlooked for branded campaigns. Thus, Nuffnang spoke to a few influencers to better understand this issue from their perspective.

23 Aug, 2023
The Merchist by Nuffnang launches official Polis Evo 3 merchandise with Astro Shaw

The Merchist by Nuffnang expanded its collections in collaboration with Astro Shaw to house the official merchandise for Polis Evo 3.

17 Jul, 2023

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