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The Price You Pay For Virality

Virality is a golden ticket for content creators – it maximises returns, attracts audiences, and speaks volumes about the content creator’s potential. As marketers, we often receive requests from brands to engage with content creators who have gone viral in the past in hopes of achieving similar success for the brand. However, the team here […]

1 Jul, 2022
Introducing The Merchist by Nuffnang

Have you ever heard about The Merchist by Nuffnang? Now that you’ve heard about it, are you curious about who we are? So, what is The Merchist? The ‘Merchist’ name represents a combination of ‘Merch’ and ‘Specialist’ – leveraging the Group’s marketing capabilities into specialisation in the merch business, advising and executing on everything from […]

3 Jun, 2022
Cancel Culture In Malaysia

For those who are not familiar, this can be best described as “cancel culture”, in which an offending issue is used to trigger a call to remove aka “canceling” support for an individual, social issues or a brand.

3 Jun, 2022
More Power to the Milk!

We all love milk! Whether it’s cow’s milk or plant-based milk, we want it all the same. Let’s be honest, we buy milk based on some kind of influence. It can be influenced by our family, climate change, or health choices. This applies to growing up milk (GUM) for toddlers too. There are a gazillion […]

6 May, 2022
Nuffnang Aims to Build Better Mental Health in the workplace

Supporting mental health is no longer just personal care, in fact, our workplace is in a very strategic position to create an impact to build better mental health. The success of a business starts with the right people in the right place with the right motivation. It would be remiss if companies underestimate the importance […]

6 May, 2022

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